July 10, 2014

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Game of Drones: An Introduction to President Obama’s Air War

By Zander Farrow. “Battlefields have changed and technology has evolved”*. Speaking at the National Defense University in May 2013, President Obama emphasized the need to employ advanced military technology in order to effectively engage terrorism on a global scale. Enemy combatants hide in caves … [Read More...]

US-Iranian Relations: Why it Matters

By Alen Amini. US-Iranian Relations: Why it Matters American-Iranian relations are slowly improving --especially after the election of President Hassan Rouhani and the subsequent end to the presidency of unpopular demagogue, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad-- and it is crucial for Middle Eastern stability, … [Read More...]

Search and Destroy: The Combat of South Sudan’s Civil War

By Alex Beck. This week’s article will examine the overall combat of the war in order to better emphasize of the current situation South Sudan is facing. Reports of large scale fighting have not been reported by the media recently, likely in part due to the country’s troubled peace talks that are … [Read More...]

The Politics Behind the Recognition of the First Genocide of the 20th Century

By Ani Hakobyan.   If you mention the first genocide of the 20th century, you will leave most people scratching their heads. It seems, unfortunately, that Hitler’s comment, “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians,” seems true. Thankfully, there are many … [Read More...]

How Can Social Media be Used as a Mobilization Tool?

  By Alex Tuai. In the age of the Internet, social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube are playing more and more significant roles in connecting people both domestically and internationally. Social media platforms have become one of the main methods of rallying … [Read More...]

Why Cambodia Never Leaves the US Watch List

By Lauren Shin. Just this Friday, the US state department released the 2014 Trafficking in Person’s Report, shining light on the top countries in which human trafficking remains a dangerous problem. Cambodia continues to remain at the top of US’s watch list for human trafficking.* “There’s a … [Read More...]

Seasons in the Abyss: A Recent History of South Sudan

By Alex Beck. For the second article in AIDemocracy’s series on the South Sudanese Civil War, the region’s recent history will be summarized. As previously mentioned in the first article, the war started in December of last year, where President Salva Kiir (an ethnic Dinka), made claims that a … [Read More...]