March 29, 2015

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International Institutions 101: The United Nations

By Alex Ogden. Hello Changemakers! I hope that you are weathering the doldrums of March as best you can (preferably with a hot beverage…hot beverages always help beat the winter gloom!). Today I'm excited to start a conversation on the famed, the beloved and the oft-criticized (although, what … [Read More...]

Meeting with a Decision Maker? You can DO THIS!

By Ana Frigo. We have all had to do this at some point in our lives. Whether we are meeting with a teacher, principal, coach, or boss, it is important to know how to interact with people in positions of power. Below are four tips on what to do when you are meeting with a decision maker. Tip 1: … [Read More...]

Using Social Media to Make Your Campaign Really Pop!

By Ana Frigo. Earlier I wrote about how to lead a great student government campaign. Now, it’s time to look at how social media can play a role in your campaign. In today’s age, it’s impossible to envision a world without the Internet. Why not use that to your advantage? Below are four tips for … [Read More...]

A few tips about tipping

By Vanessa Faloye. If there is one memory the vast majority of us can share, it is our days of waiting tables. It is almost a rite of passage to the real and working world. Countless servings of fast and furious food with blood, sweat, and tears for drinks. “Hi there, what can I get you today? … [Read More...]

How are the Changes in Media Affecting Media Freedom?

By Ian Morse. This is the second piece in a recurring story set. The first article can be found here. I’d like to tackle another apparent paradox with you. The Internet has given those with access to it an incredible abundance of information at their fingertips. With an Internet plan or a … [Read More...]

Why should American students care about Europe?

By Mary Anne Mendoza. The notion of American exceptionalism often carries positive connotations within U.S. borders but negatives ones beyond. In some cases, at least 49% of Americans believe that, “Our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others.”[1] Superiority alone may not … [Read More...]

Libyan people on the state building road

Since 23 October 2011, Libya has progressed from a country wrecked by a conflict, to a country on the road to its first democratic elections and economic recovery. On 7 July 2012, Libyan people came on the streets to elect a first demcoratically elected government. However, reconciliation still … [Read More...]