January 31, 2015

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International and Mizzou Reproductive Health Activists

Why collaboration is key to successful non-profit organizations

By Julia Al-Akkad. Room to Read’s dedication to collaborating with local governments to provide support to the children of the community in receiving an education is a key component to the success the organization has accomplished. Additionally, the organization’s ability to recognize the … [Read More...]

Environmental Injustice: The Damage is Gendered

By Jillian Tsacoyeanes.   Women trying to salvage flood damaged maize in Chokwe Photo Credit: Alexander Matheou/IFRC These days, climate change is a buzzword. We hear about melting icecaps, polar vortices, and damaging pollutants, but are we listening to the whole story? As humans, we … [Read More...]

How Room to Read has helped millions of children receive an education

By Julia Al-Akkad. “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” It has long been known that education is the key to lifting communities out of poverty and towards success. Fortunately, many organizations are actively pursuing the mission … [Read More...]

The Confidence Factor in Europe

By Mary Anne Mendoza. Many of the arguments that seek to explain the Eurocrisis, point towards the excessive borrowing of debtor countries in years prior. Others blame the composition of the Eurozone and the lack of harmonizing fiscal policies working in tandem with monetary policies. However, … [Read More...]

Global Transgender Experiences

By Jillian Tsacoyeanes. Hijras (Transgender Individuals) in Laxman Jhula Photo Credit: Daniel LofredoRota As this series has previously explored, Global South experiences vary widely, making generalizations ineffectual. While a previous blog explored the challenges and successes of LGBTQ+ … [Read More...]

Azerbaijan: The Land of Oil and Poor Human Rights

By Ani Hakobyan. Among diplomatic and international circles, Azerbaijan has become synonymous with the production of oil, which has raised its global standing. This unparalleled growth and development has led to an increase in political and economic power. The country, like Armenia, Russia, … [Read More...]

Indigenous Women and the Importance of Intersectionality

By Jillian Tsacoyeanes.   Indigenous Woman with Llamas and Lambs Photo Credit: Nathan Gibbs This blog series began by emphasizing that the world is not divided into men and women – gender is a broad spectrum, and not all women experience womanhood in the same way. In addition to … [Read More...]