March 1, 2015

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The Subjectivity of Limits on Freedom of Expression

By Virginia Cady. The terror attacks on the office of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo last month have dredged up many issues for discussion, of which one of the most prominent of which is,: is there a limit to freedom of expression? Many countries have laws against the … [Read More...]

Why Should we Consider Restrictions on the Media?

By Ian Morse “I am increasingly against the internet every day.” These are the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, expressed not in private but in a recent, surprisingly unrestrained conversation with a group meant to protect open information.[1] The Committee to Protect … [Read More...]

When Women are the Breadwinners

By Jo Grode. When given the chance, woman have the ability not only be the partners in their marriage but also the breadwinners. On a community level, however, finding a correlation between including women in the formal work force and economic (as well as social) improvement in the household … [Read More...]

India Today

By Maya Koparkar. India. 1.2 billion strong. Almost 70 years young. And a place full of contradictions. India is such a well-known place, yet there's still so much to discover. It is a place of young and old, a place of tradition and innovation, a place of rich and poor, a place of freedom and … [Read More...]

Tips for Organizing a Great Campus Event!

By Ana Frigo. Pulling off a great campus event has similar guidelines as pulling off professional events. No one wants to be unprepared, so it’s important to know what to do when planning a large event. Listed below are 5 tips for organizing an unforgettable event! Tip 1: Plan Ahead Obvious … [Read More...]

When women earn

By Jo Grode. In my previous article, I stated that, “all in all, educating women is key to making our world a better place.” There are, after all, many positive effects from establishing economic and social equality amongst men and women. In a household, for example, this equality not only … [Read More...]

Charlie Hebdo: The One Thing You Need to Remember About Terrorism

By Virginia Cady. Last semester I took a class on international terrorism, in which one of the key themes of the class were a set of myths about terrorism and why they are myths not facts. In light of the recent terror attacks in France and the media frenzy they have stirred up, it is important … [Read More...]