April 25, 2014

Voices From Our Network …

Young Leaders Create Big Change, Meet Danny!

Danny Hall is currently serving as a Global Health Corps fellow and program manager with Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability, a US Agency for International Development project based in Kampala, Uganda. This is a bit of a career change for him as he previously worked in finance (mostly … [Read More...]

Young Leaders Creating Big Change

There is plenty going on in today’s world and things are changing quickly everyday. From poverty to climate change, we all have a cause. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s change makers, but we say, “why wait?” Youth are doing so many amazing things to build a better world! Whether engaged in social … [Read More...]

Young Leaders Create Big Change, Meet Rachel!

Rachel Merker works as a Short Term International Intern in Uppsala, Sweden with Cru, a global Christian ministry. Her role as an intern there is to facilitate the growth of a Cru student movement at the local University. This means she spends her days networking with and mentoring students, … [Read More...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Congress

By Matt Vaughan I’d like to draw your attention to the “complicated” relationship between “We the People” of the United States and our members of Congress. If you’re like the majority of Americans,your lack of confidence in Congress is at an all time low. It seems one of the few things Democrats, … [Read More...]

New President Brings Welcome Change to Iranian Government

By Jesse Tabak Iran, a nation long out of reach for Western powers, has recently been experiencing a thaw in its typically-frozen foreign relations. The primary reason for this change is a fundamental shift in ideology through a new government under President Hassan Rouhani. Prior to this past … [Read More...]

High School Students: Join us for Global Scholar 2014!

EXPLORE GLOBAL ISSUES. LEARN TO LEAD. FIND YOUR PASSION. CHANGE YOUR WORLD. BE A GLOBAL SCHOLAR! Global Scholar 2014 American University, Washington D.C. July 20 – August 2, 2014 www.globalscholar.org Global Scholar is an intensive global leadership program for rising high school juniors … [Read More...]

Young Leaders Create Big Change: Meet Kait!

Kait is the Managing Director for a non-profit organization called Uganda Village Project (UVP) working in Iganga, Uganda. It is a public health NGO currently implementing programs in 13 villages in Iganga district. Program areas include malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning, obstetric fistula, … [Read More...]