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A Brief Look at the Impact of Climate Change

By Aaron Hendrix Hi, I’m Aaron Hendrix. I am a rising sophomore at Georgetown University majoring in Justice and Peace Studies. This semester I will be focusing on how climate change impacts the distribution of health care (particularly in disadvantaged communities). I sincerely hope that you enjoy my posts and ...

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Mehriban Aliyeva: The Future of Azerbaijan?

By Ani Hakobyan Most countries have famous actors and singers who become the faces of their nations and most importantly, presidents who are known best by the international community. In the case of Azerbaijan, however, it is Mehriban Aliyeva, the wife of hereditary President Ilham Aliyev, who steals the show. ...

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Our Revolution in Military Affairs

By Anna Silk The battlefield of today’s world will be a relatively sparse one. Thanks to advancements in technology, wars will be fought with the push of a button rather than an invasion of thousands of troops à la World War 2. We are seeing technology rise to the forefront ...

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Global Leader Training

AIDemocracy group chat

Calling all young global leaders! Join us for Global Leader this fall! September – November 2015. Online. Global Leader is an online social change training for youth who are eager to expand their skills as young global leaders and changemakers. Today’s young global leaders must be confident in their ability ...

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Get Skills

We can change the world

Eager to change the world? Check! Need a little help getting started? Double check! Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Over the years the AMP / AIDemocracy community has done, seen, tried, learned, been, succeeded in pulling off great campus events, running campaigns, getting published, meeting with decision makers ...

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