December 28, 2014

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Looking Ahead? Join our mentoring program!

Planning a career in international affairs? Eager for advice on how to get started? Look no further! Join AIDemocracy for the AMP Mentoring Program in 2015! Through monthly small-group chats, participants will gain advice, tips and insider information on everything from choosing the right major … [Read More...]

Join us in 2015! Team and Leadership Positions Now Open!

Are you passionate about global issues and the role of the US in the world?  Do you believe that youth have the power to make waves in the world?  If so, then AIDemocracy needs you! We are seeking amazing new team members for 2015! AIDemocracy is a global youth network taking action to face the … [Read More...]

Six Tips for Informational Interviews

By Ana Frigo. Informational interviews are not always on the top of everyone’s to-do list, however they can be extremely valuable when exploring different career options. Before I introduce my tips, it’s important to quickly define what an informational interview is. This is not a job interview, … [Read More...]

Public Speaking? You got this. 5 Tips for Success.

By Ana Frigo. Public speaking seems to be many people’s biggest fear.  However, it is important to overcome this fear and master the art of communicating in front of an audience – large or small.  There are many reasons why public speaking is challenging for a majority of people, but with the … [Read More...]

Europe’s Last Dictatorship: Alexander Lukashenko’s Belarus

By Ani Hakobyan. Ask any European the country they know the least and they will most likely answer Belarus. Considered by many, including former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, as "Europe's last dictatorship," the Republic of Belarus is not exactly number one on people's bucket list. … [Read More...]

The Girl Child: Her Obstacles and Her Potential

By Jillian Tsacoyeanes. Schoolgirls, Kerala, India Photo Credit: Julia Maudlin For many young and adolescent girls around the world, childhood is a time of oppression and abuse instead of education and play. Especially in the Global South, the girl child faces unique challenges that limit her … [Read More...]

5 Tips for Emailing Professional Contacts

By Ana Frigo. Knowing how to connect with professionals in various fields is a skill that is vital in today’s world. Whether you are e-mailing a professor, colleague, or CEO, it has become increasingly important to present yourself in an organized and professional manner. How and what you e-mail … [Read More...]