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Americans for Informed Democracy (AIDemocracy) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that relies on public donations to help our organization and keep our student-led programming focused on pressing global issues with timely events and activities. We'd love to see you make a donation or join out student network, and thank you in advance for doing so.

National Security and Climate Change

While I don’t usually recommend CNN.com as a news source, there was an interesting article posted this morning about a new report on climate change and national security. The report is available here on the CNA Corporation website, the  research group (linked to the Center for Naval Analyses and the ...

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Human Trafficking 101: Definition of 'Trafficking in Persons'

I suppose the logical starting point for my series of posts on human trafficking is a coherent definition of what trafficking is. And also what trafficking is not. The definition of ‘trafficking in persons’ published in the UN’s Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons states: "Trafficking in ...

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Allen debates health care reform

by Beth Kowitt Bowdoin Orient April 13, 2007 CAPTION: INFORMING DEMOCRACY: Rep. Tom Allen ’67 (left) and Tarren Bragdon (right) of the Maine Heritage Policy Center debate health care reform in Daggett Lounge on Tuesday. The event was oragnized by Americans for Informed Democracy, a non-partisan campus group that encourages ...

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Global Citizenship

by Staff Writer Green Bay Press Gazette April 10, 2007 The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will host its fourth annual Phoenix Forum today in the University Union. The goal of the forum, which will focus on global citizenship, is to encourage civil discussion of important — but sometimes contentious or ...

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An Attack on Iran Would Be a Tragedy for its Democrats

by Una Hardester, Senior Political Analyst, Americans for Informed Democracy The Internationalist April 9, 2007 News about Iran is dominated by that country’s nuclear ambitions, demagogue president, and recent detention of fifteen British sailors. These stories are important, but they are only a few pieces of the larger picture. There ...

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Slavery: a thing of the past?

I meant to post this a few weeks ago but my computer crashed and I couldn’t access anything. The timing could be better but anyway, here goes… A few weeks ago (on March 25th to be precise), the United Kingdom commemorated its 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave ...

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Midwesterners Throng to Talk UN

by David Shorr Democracy Arsenal April 6, 2007 Well maybe “throng” is an overstatement, but three days on the road with the State Department’s Mark Lagon this week (modeling bipartisan civility) gave me some always-appreciated interchange with citizens in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. Many thanks to the good people of ...

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