August 31, 2014

Impacting Policy with Student Ideas

I just wanted to pass on the New York Times article below about an interesting new student initiative to impact policy with student ideas. I’ll acknowledge that I’m biased to the cause since I know the group’s leaders and they’re wonderful… but I think the article speaks for itself in saying why this is such an important effort. Best wishes, Seth The New York Times - 5/25/2005 - Hoping to Make Policy Waves, and Graduate, Too Click here to read the article on the New York Times' Website By MICHAEL FALCONEPublished: May 25, 2005 STANFORD, Calif. - Most … [Read more...]

Challenging Americans’ Insular View of the World

by William Pfaff Tribune Media Services May 11, 2005 A year ago, this writer received an email from a young American who was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford. He had liked my newspaper columns and wrote to me because he thought I might have some advice for American students overseas, like himself, who were concerned about the serious disagreements in the United States over the Iraq war, and were upset that the views they had formed of US foreign policy — after living and studying abroad — conflicted with the ideas of their families and friends at … [Read more...]

Americans Must Understand the Bush Doctrine

by Eugene B. Kogan The Waterford Times March 11, 2005 Oscars are worth watching after all. Millions of Americans who tuned in for the Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, saw Chris Rock take shots at President George W. Bush's foreign policy. However inept Rock's comparison of the U.S. invasion of Iraq to The Gap's war against Banana Republic, Hollywood -- unlike the vast majority of Americans -- was holding the Bush Administration accountable by talking openly about this important national issue. The unfortunate truth is that foreign policy is not … [Read more...]

N Korean Threat to Stability At 2300 GMT on Saturday, N Korea launched a long-range missile into the sea, about 100 km from its launch point. This should come to no surprise, because the BBC article notes the US warned Tokyo that N. Korea was close to testing its first nuclear warhead. It was after all, the US intelligence that reported this missile test to Japan, "Tokyo had been informed by the US military of the North Korean test, believed to have been carried out at 0800 (2300 GMT on Saturday)." As I noted in my … [Read more...]

American Congress-Bundestag Youth Participate in Bringing the World Home

by Isidro Barragán CDSsense (The Magazine of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals) Spring 2005 Caption: American Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals participants Elaine Goeders, Eva Moore and Isidro Barragán at the Americans for Informed Democracy-sponsored conference in Berlin, Germany. The weekend I spent in Berlin attending the Bringing the World Home conference, sponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), was much more than simply leaving Munich for a weekend, revisiting my favorite … [Read more...]

Genocide or civil war? Forum seeks answers

by Matt Chayes Binghamton Pipe Dream April 29, 2005 The statistics are at once mindnumbing and heartbreaking. 250,000 dead. 2 million homeless. 800,000 beyond the reach of humanitarian aid. All in the past few years. But who’s responsible? There’s a political dispute over whether what’s happening in the Darfur region of Sudan should be considered genocide or just the sad unfortunate consequences of a civil war. The region’s bitter starvation, wanton killing and its affects were discussed at a forum Tuesday evening sponsored by Binghamton … [Read more...]

U.N.’s future, competence in world examined

by Ananda Sekhar Ray The Daily Northwestern April 28, 2005 Gareth Evans, former Australian foreign minister, debated with Richard Williamson, ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, about the U.N.'s effectiveness Wednesday in the McCormick Tribune Forum. Two speakers in Wednesday night's debate about U.N. effectiveness stood on opposite sides of the issue, but both criticized U.S. foreign policy at least somewhat. Speaking in the near-full McCormick Tribune Center, Gareth Evans, president of the International Crisis Group, and … [Read more...]

Moderates speak with One Voice: Group offers forum for Mideast stance

by Stephen Franklin Chicago Tribune April 27, 2005 Orit Gazit decided to speak out when a good friend was shot dead in Jerusalem. He was an Arab, not a Jew, as his attackers thought. And Sari Husseini decided to speak out when he realized he could not wait for years to live in peace. The two, an Israeli and a Palestinian, told their stories about joining One Voice, a group that encourages moderation between Israelis and Palestinians, during a meeting Tuesday night at the University of Chicago. Americans for Informed Democracy, a … [Read more...]

Protests and Nationalism in China

The following was written by Bryan Townsend, an American student at the University of Cambridge who is now studying at Peking (Beijing) University in China: The recent upsurge in the number and intensity of anti-Japanese protests within China has breathed new life into the decades-old issue of tense Sino-Japanese relations. Tens of thousands of Chinese demonstrated in front of the Japanese embassy and consulates, some hurling rocks and all expressing rage, primarily at two issues: the prospect of Japan receiving a permanent seat on the United Nations … [Read more...]

Discussion at U looks at U.N. policy: The Americans for Informed Democracy University chapter sponsored the event

by Naomi Scott Minnesota Daily April 20, 2005 The University got a chance to weigh in on the future of the United Nations on Tuesday at Moos Tower in a town hall meeting about recent reforms proposed for the international organization. Approximately 100 people listened to Thomas Pickering, a former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Charlie Brown, a former deputy executive director of Amnesty International, express their hopes and concerns for the United Nations. Brown said the United Nations has earned a bad reputation in the United … [Read more...]