February 1, 2015

Lessons From the London Terror Attacks

by Eugene B. Kogan Foreign Policy Forum “You’ll never forget 9/11, we’ll never forget this” said a British doctor to an American journalist in the wake of July 7 London terrorist attacks, which claimed the lives of 52 and injured 700 people. If atrocities like these are to be prevented in the future, people in Western countries must learn tough lessons from these tragedies. Since 9/11, Americans came to believe that terrorism was practiced by extremists from “over there” (Middle East) against innocents “over here.” This misguided belief has been … [Read more...]

Preparing for Pandemic: A Call for U.S. Leadership on the Avian Flu

Every few years, there’s a story in the news about an impending global health crisis—SARS, mad cow disease, West Nile, etc. I normally tune such stories out because the news reports sound so much like a bad tv movie that they don’t even seem real to me. But the latest issue of the Economist drew my attention to the burgeoning pandemic world health threat—influenza—and I realized it’s time for all of us to start paying attention. (See this link, but for the full article subscription is required.) Avian influenza, or bird flu, is currently endemic in … [Read more...]

Hope not Hate More Important than Ever

As we move into our third year of Hope not Hate the survey below from Public Agenda reveals the critical need for greater exchange and understanding between the U.S. and the Muslim world: New survey reveals deep worries about how the U.S. is seen abroad, but little agreement on what to do. Lack of progress on immigration and jobs are major frustrations. New York City -- Americans see the web of issues surrounding relations with the Islamic world as the fundamental foreign policy challenge facing the nation -- but they have little idea what to do about … [Read more...]

Stopping Global Warming

Over the weekend, we held an AID Midwest Global Leaders Summit at Northwestern University with around 150 students and young professionals. Among the great things that came up at the Chicago event was the Stop Global Warming "Virtual March" on Washington. I just signed onto the campaign myself and I urge you to the do same -- you can join as my friend on the following page: http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/campaigns/sgw/impact/c6af0aa46cc42d28762ac1adbb7a3d83. Or click on this link. In our rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world, it has … [Read more...]

Young Leaders Seek Ways To Resolve Middle East Conflict: Conference focuses on international approach, countering biases

by Ralph Dannheisser Washington File (U.S. Department of State) July 26, 2005 Washington – Over 100 university students and recent graduates from across the United States gathered in Washington July 22 to explore the dynamics of conflict in the Middle East, both in terms of government policies and media representation, in a conference sponsored by Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), an organization dedicated to raising awareness of global issues on college campuses. AID, founded in 2002, was the brainchild of Seth Green, now a 25-year-old … [Read more...]

Reflections from Yemen

The commentary below comes from an AID member currently living in Yemen: I woke up this morning to the sound of sirens. Living just 5-minutes from the airport I assumed that something had happened there. I didn’t have time to satisfy my curiosity because I was already running late for work. So I hurried to the main street where I normally pick up one of the local mini-buses.  When I hit the street I was shocked. The southern city of Aden, where I currently live, is the most liberal in all of Yemen. The country was divided into North and South … [Read more...]

Increasing Foreign Aid, Improving Foreign Aid

After returning from yesterday’s AID conference in New Haven, foreign aid was on my mind. Fighting for What’s Right (see link), one of AID’s exciting upcoming initiatives, is tackling the tricky topic of global development. In the organizing session we held for Fighting for What’s Right, the enthusiasm among the 400+ conference attendees was palpable. So I figured it was high time to re-familiarize myself with the issues at hand. In my readings, two main points have emerged. 1. We are at a historic moment. Never in my lifetime has so much attention … [Read more...]

Global development discussed at conference

by Angela Carter New Haven Register 7/24/05 NEW HAVEN — The world is plagued by a widening gulf between the rich and poor, speakers at a seminar Saturday said. "If you try to look at the world as one country, it would be a country that’s very, very poor," Tufts University professor Adil Najam said during the conference at Yale University’s Sheffield Hall. There is a deep economic divide between rich nations and the world’s four billion poor, he said. "Our world is a Third World country," said Najam, associate professor of international … [Read more...]

Students Prepare To Take On The World’s Problems

by Jim Farrell Hartford Courant 7/24/05 NEW HAVEN -- MacKenzie Rawcliffe borrowed her parents' car and drove from Bangor, Maine. Taryn Porzio traveled from Waterbury. Daniel Zizzamia came from South Windsor and Delilah Denley from Washington, D.C. They were among more than 400 people, mostly students but a few young professionals, who gathered Saturday at Yale University's Sheffield Hall for a conference to raise awareness about global development. "There are so many misperceptions out there," said Seth Green, executive director of Americans … [Read more...]

Muslim moderates must speak up

by Eugene Kogan Norwich Bulletin July 21, 2005 'You'll never forget 9/11, we'll never forget this" said a British doctor to an American journalist in the wake of the July 7 London terror attacks, which claimed the lives of 56 and injured 700 people. If atrocities such as these are to be prevented, people in Western countries must learn tough lessons from these tragedies. Since 9/11, Americans have come to believe terrorism was practiced by extremists from "over there" (Middle East) against innocents "over here." This misguided belief has been … [Read more...]