July 25, 2014

Students link with aid groups in Sri Lanka

by Wyatt Buchanan San Francisco Chronicle March 29, 2005 Now that Sri Lanka's recovery from December's catastrophic tsunami has moved into the rebuilding phase, more international assistance is needed, a panel of speakers in that island country told university students in the United States on Monday night. Students at five U.S. universities, three in the Bay Area, held a videoconference with leaders of Sri Lankan organizations that are part of the tsunami relief effort in that country, which suffered the second highest number of casualties from … [Read more...]

Post tsunami reconstruction pace

by Lionel Fernando, Chairperson, Disaster Relief Monitoring Unit, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka) March 27, 2005 There were distribution of 1000 transitional houses to Internally Displaced Persons due to tsunami in Trincomalee District, on the March 26th , 2005 in order to commemorate the three-month anniversary of the tsunami. "This will be followed by distributing another 5600 transitional houses, before the Sinhala and Hindu new year festival", according to the Government Agent of, Tricomalee, Mr. Gamini … [Read more...]

Warm Revolutions

Another contribution by Jonathan Skinner: Warm colors appear to be dyeing the banners of opposition protestors for democratic reform in Central Asia. But amidst the daily reports of extremist insurgency in the Middle East, opposition forces in Central Asia have managed to avoid bloody anarchy. It seems democracy in the former Soviet republics is growing from its citizens rather than imposed by US force or influence. I would not hastily call fair democracy a trend, but in Georgia, the Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan the public has found international support in … [Read more...]

Stand up and take charge

The following was written by Jonathan Skinner, an AID leader based in Göttingen, Germany, and currently working in the Berlin office. Responding to global criticism of UN transparency, accountability, and effectiveness, Secretary General Kofi Annan announced reform recommendations on Monday March 21. The pressing reforms, as mentioned in The Economist online, include a Security Council overhaul, the creation of a smaller, accountable human-rights council, and a new anti-terror treaty, with a universally accepted definition of terrorism. But what does it … [Read more...]

New U.Va. group hosts town meeting: Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations addressed global environment

by Jenny Hernandez Cavalier Daily March 23. 2005 Caption: The town hall meeting focused on the effects that global policies could have in the international community. The new group seeks to promote awareness of other nations. Last night a new non-partisan student organization, Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), hosted a town-hall meeting titled "U.S. Security and the Global Environment." The presentation was held in the Garden Room at the U.Va. Colonnade and focused on the effects that the U.S.'s global environment policies could have in the … [Read more...]

Raising Awareness

by Lindy Jurack Independent Collegian (University of Toledo) 3/17/05 A new organization is being formed at UT to raise global discussion and awareness on campus. Americans for Informed Democracy is a non-partisan, global organization. UT is joining more than 175 universities in 10 countries by opening a chapter of AID this spring. The national organization, which focuses on the United Nations, was started by Seth Green, a student at Yale Law School, in response to 9/11, according to Laura Hampton, acting president of UT-AID, who is also a … [Read more...]

Cornell Hosts AID Panel on UN Reform

by Benjamin Seligman Turn Left March 16, 2005 Ithaca, NY – On Tuesday, March 1st, the Cornell chapter of Americans for an Informed Democracy held a panel discussion on the need for reform of the United Nations and how such reform fits into larger US foreign policy. The panel consisted of Jeffrey Laurenti, a senior advisor for Ted Turner’s United Nations Foundation, Dr. Benny Widyono, a Visiting Fellow at the South East Asia Program and former UN diplomat, and Eugene Kogan of Americans for an Informed Democracy. Mr. Laurenti discussed the … [Read more...]

Call for Applications

Call for Applications for "Bringing the World Home" Retreats in Europe Americans studying abroad in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are invited to apply for Bringing the World Home retreats being held across Europe in April, May, and June. The retreats will bring together hundreds of Americans abroad for a weekend of workshops, speakers, and discussions focused on techniques for raising global consciousness in the U.S. Thanks to the generous support of Connect US, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Open Society Institute, the Hewlett … [Read more...]

How diplomacy can defuse the North Korean crisis

by Eugene B. Kogan The Japan Times 3/9/2005 WASHINGTON -- "The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity," a wise man once observed. Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura asked U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to visit Japan "at the earliest possible opportunity" during a bilateral security meeting in Washington on Feb. 19. When that visit takes place, Machimura must urge Rice to take the above maxim to heart if the United States, Japan and their regional allies are to be successful in bringing North Korea back to the six-party … [Read more...]

Sudan in crisis while world yawns

by ISRA YAGHOUBI, Senior Staff Writer UCSD Guardian 03/ 07/2005 If thousands are massacred and no one sees it, did it really happen? If thousands are massacred and one of the world’s most powerful nations identifies it as genocide, will anyone try to stop it? I suspect that this piece probably won’t grab your attention. You see, I’m about to address yet another conflict that has ravaged a region of Africa, and, honestly, who gives a damn about Africa? Perhaps we should, since for the past 40 years, that continent’s largest country, Sudan, … [Read more...]