October 1, 2014

Lieberman discusses 9/11 reforms

by Marcus Leonard Yale Daily News April 12, 2005 CAPTION: Sen. Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 addresses a large audience in the Law School to urge the adoption of a foreign policy that follows American values in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks. (DAN FRIED/ CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER) Sen. Joseph Lieberman '64 LAW '67 told a Law School audience Monday that optimism is a persistent force for change in the international and domestic political landscapes. Following a panel discussion entitled, "The 9-11 Commission: Putting the Reforms Into Action," … [Read more...]

Leaders advocate lessons of 9-11

by LINDA CONNER LAMBECK Connecticut Post April 12, 2005 Along with free pizza, an audience of 250 Yale undergraduates and law students got homework Monday during a panel discussion about intelligence reform with lawmakers from Connecticut. "Read the 9-11 report," urged U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman, speaking in a Yale University Law School auditorium where he once sat as a student. The Connecticut Democrat joined U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-4, and other key players with a role in implementing national intelligence reform and anti-terrorism … [Read more...]

U.N. Reform: Can The U.N. Become Relevant To International Security?

by Bernard Perlstein News Informant April 11, 2005 In the Sudanese province of Darfur, since early 2004, government-supported Arabist militiamen have terrorized black Africans. In addition to killing and raping civilians, the attacks have displaced over a million people. Tens of thousands have already died. Yet ten years after the U.N. and the West said “never again,” following the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the U.N. Security Council has done nothing to stop the atrocities. Against the backdrop of the Sudan atrocities, the controversy over the Iraq … [Read more...]

NELC professors delve into Iranian cultural mentality

by Eliot Marcus The Maroon (University of Chicago) April 8, 2005 Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Professor Heshmat Moayyad and Negin Nabavi of Princeton University participated in a panel on Iranian history and contemporary culture. This past Thursday, the Student Committee on the Middle East hosted a panel on Iran’s history and the country’s potential for liberal reform, entitled “Foundations of Reform in Iran: Culture, Religion, Society, and the Ideal of Freedom.” Professor Heshmat Moayyad of the University’s Near Eastern Languages and … [Read more...]

ASU Hosts Public Forum On U.S. Role In Sudan

by Staff Writer The Mountain Times April 7, 2005 The brutal violence and killing currently taking place in Sudan has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Secretary of State Colin Powell has called it genocide and the United Nations has described it as one of the worst humanitarian crisis of today. In response, an initiative is being taken by the Americans for an Informed Democracy (AID). Nationwide, the group is hosting more than one hundred town halls on the U.S. role in Sudan, as well as other issues in the future of U.S.-Africa relations … [Read more...]

Students discuss nuclear containment

by Erin Oliver Volante (University of South Dakota) April 6, 2005 Nine USD students gathered in the Continuing Education building March 30 to participate in a video conference regarding the nuclear containment of North Korea. Members of USD's branch of Americans for Informed Democracy, along with members of the Political Science League and others, spoke with students from Australia, South Korea and the United States during the discussion. The video conference, moderated by an AID official from World Bank in Washington D.C., lasted about two … [Read more...]

Emory students hold global chat

by Shelia M. Poole, Mark Bixler Atlanta Journal and Constitution April 6, 2005 Several Emory University students linked by video last week for two sessions with people from other U.S. colleges as well as the Netherlands, Cote d'Ivoire and Ukraine. They shared ideas about effective development strategies in the Third World and the U.S. role in democracy movements in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and other countries in Central Asia. The video conference was arranged by Americans for Informed Democracy, a group that promotes global understanding among Americans … [Read more...]

Students, Sri Lankan Officials Exhange Idea Via Video Link

by Kellie Schmitt San Jose Mercury News April 6, 2005 Dozens of college students made plans to gather at campuses across the United States and Australia on Monday night to strengthen public awareness of South Asian tsunami victims as reports on the disaster were leaving the public eye. But on the same day they participated in the video conference, another earthquake rocked Indonesia and brought attention back to the region. ``It was really weird timing,'' said Quincy Tanner, a Stanford University freshman who attended the conference at Stanford. … [Read more...]

Official discusses role of U.N.

by David A. Nosko Indiana Daily Student April 6, 2005 The United States launched a pre-emptive strike against Iraq in 2002 without the unanimous support or approval of the U.N. Security Council, an international governing body the United States helped to create in 1945. Since then, members of the U.S. government, media outlets and the American public have debated the exact role the United Nations should play in U.S. international affairs. Such concerns have sparked a national debate about the inclusion or exclusion of the United Nations in … [Read more...]

Rice joins in videoconference with Sri Lankan Distance Learning Center

by Ruth Samuelson The Thresher (Rice University) April 5, 2005 Sri Lankan tsunami relief workers spoke to students at Rice and five other universities about the tsunami’s damage, recent restoration efforts and the country’s civil conflict in a videoconference Monday. The conference, “Rebuilding After Devastation,” was second in the Partners for Progress series, which aims to connect Americans with people from the regions hit by the Dec. 26 tsunami. The videoconference occurred only a few hours after an earthquake hit Indonesia, raising … [Read more...]