October 20, 2014

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Four Steps to Recruiting Great Volunteers

By Sakiera M. Volunteers are crucial actors of change for any non-profit. They provide significant support, spread an organizations mission, and are often willing to wear many hats if they know it will help and advance an organizations’ mission. Below are 4 Steps that I believe will help any organization in recruiting volunteers 4 Steps for Recruiting Volunteers Step 1: Know who will support your organization and how to reach them If you require specific skills in your volunteers such as grant writing, graphic design or knowledge of a foreign … [Read more...]

Global Citizenship Blogging Challenge


What does global citizenship mean and why should we be talking about it at AIDemocracy? This summer, two of our wonderful bloggers, Sharon Mutwiwa and Marilyn Atwood, sought to engage global citizenship into the AIDemocracy discussion and challenged the AIDemocracy community to think about the idea of "global citizenship" actually meant. Global citizenship can seem to be a daunting idea. Global citizenship might been seen as requiring people who are already juggling to understand their home country and their cultural backgrounds to understand … [Read more...]

What’s new in South Sudan?

By Alex Beck. Recently, in addition to the increasing threat of famine in the country, which is still set to kill 50,000 children by the year’s end, reports of renewed fighting broke out in South Sudan. However, in response to the country’s unstable ceasefire being broken yet again, the United Nations Security Council threatened to issue sanctions to political leaders of both the rebel and the government forces (military leaders are already sanctioned). However, these sanction threats have so far led to good news because on August 25th, leaders … [Read more...]

The Tragic Lives of Syrian Armenians

By Ani Hakobyan. In the age of social media, the tragic events taking place in Syria have unfolded before the world’s eyes. People know all about innocent children caught in the conflict, extremist rebels taking hold of cities, and the condemnation that Bashar al-Assad’s government has received from most nations. The minority population that has existed in the country for hundreds, if not thousands of years is also a victim of the three-years-long civil war. Christians, including Armenians, who had long maintained neutrality during the war between … [Read more...]

Build your skills (online) this fall with the AMP Experience!

lobby day

Calling all young global leaders! Join us this fall!  The AMP Experience is an online social change training for youth who are eager to expand their skills as young global leaders and changemakers. Today’s young global leaders must be confident in their ability to envision change, and have the ability to inspire and mobilize others. Over the course of six weeks, participants participate in online workshops including: Leading for Change: public speaking, group facilitation, and pitching a cause. Planning for Change: strategic planning, problem … [Read more...]

US State Department Strategic Plan Goal 4: Democracy and Human Rights and Civil Society

In March the U.S. State Department and USAID released a joint Strategic Plan for 2014-2017. This article is the fourth in a series of five on each of the main strategic goals outlined in the 2014-2017 plan. By Virginia Cady. Strategic Goal 4: Protect Core U.S. Interests by Advancing Democracy and Human Rights and Strengthening Civil Society According to the Strategic Plan the main premise behind this goal is the concept that behind all of the problems of the international system is one or more of several kinds of violation of the ideals of … [Read more...]

Introduction to BRICS

By Alex Tuai. In the world of international relations, economics, and finance, one of the most common acronyms used is BRICS. Originally born as BRIC by former Goldman Sachs economics Jim O’Neill in 2001, it stood for the four fastest emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Then in 2010, South Africa gained entry into the group thus transforming it the current BRICS. While not openly stated, one of the major goals of the BRICS countries is to create an alternate dominating power to the primarily Western- dominated (primarily the … [Read more...]

US-Iran Relations: Part IV

By Alen A. This week, we will conclude our examination of modern Iranian history. We will recount the previous two-and-a-half decades, investigating the presidency of one of the most moderate modern Iranian leaders, dramatically followed by the reign of one of the most divisive, provocative demagogues in modern history, and the effects of both on modern Middle Eastern and global geo-politics. In June of 1989, shortly after a cease-fire with Iraq following a bloody eight-year conflict, the architect of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ayatollah … [Read more...]

Profile of BRICS from Below

By Alex Tuai. Background of BRICS from Below (BFB) BRICS from Below is an alliance of civil society groups that was formed in March 2013 at the BRICS conference in Durban, South Africa and where it is still based. The idea was to mobilize an international alliance to address the social and economic inequities that lay in the five countries through the already existing civil society organizations. Its founding members were organizations from all five countries including: South Africa’s South Durban Community Environmental Alliance (SDCEA) and Centre … [Read more...]

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Are you passionate about global issues? Do you believe our generation has the power to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world? And are you eager to build the leadership and communications skills to make change happen? Then WE NEED YOU! Americans for Informed Democracy is a national youth network amplifying the story, voice and power of global youth. Through cutting-edge leadership training programs, sparking conversations around the power of youth online, capturing the stories of youth global leaders and supporting events on campuses, we’re … [Read more...]