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My Journey to India | Part 2: An Interfaith Overload


For those people that know me, I have always been interested in the work of creating peace for the world. During high school, my kumbaya tendencies were on a level higher than most people could handle because I was such an optimist. I could imagine nothing better, in the midst …

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My Journey to India | Part 1: Neither Here Nor There


I had the immense privilege of traveling to my motherland, India, after four years of schooling and work. As the only person in my entire extended family born in the United States, I share many American and Indian traits that make up my personality and habits on a daily basis. …

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It’s Easy to Learn About Different Cultures!!


World History classes open up a small portal to the history of humankind and the way we led our lives and interacted with one another through thousands of years. But sometimes it can be harder to keep ourselves interested or fascinated with the world when we only have textbooks and …

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Being A Polyglot In The 21st Century

The United States is a unique mosaic of many cultures and nations, coming together to form a country that is rich and displays the entire world in a single place. This should come as no surprise then this happens to display our power of sociolinguistic diversity that thrives on improving …

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4 Diseases That You May Have Thought Were Gone


In the United States, we enjoy relatively good health. Medical breakthroughs and our public health infrastructure have discovered treatments for or have controlled, diseases and conditions that have plagued humanity. However, despite all of the work done by the world medical community, there are diseases that you may have thought …

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