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Get Lost, Not Sick

Travel Health

It’s officially summer! If you’ve got big travel plans coming up check out these tips to make sure that you stay healthy and safe during your vacation. Before you go If you’re traveling internationally, make sure that you are up-to-date on all of your recommended vaccinations You may need to …

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Links for the Summer: A Reproductive Justice Education

preview-full-ESTABLISHED 1856

Missing school this summer? Feeling like your brain needs a little stimulation? Even if you’re enjoying some lounge time, summer can be a great opportunity to read up on topics you might not study in school. The internet can be overwhelming, so I’ve compiled a list of websites that I …

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Youth And Their Role in Cultural Diplomacy


The 21st century has been hailed as the century for advanced globalization; interactions and integrations between people, organizations, and governments around the world have been growing significantly due to advancements in economic and technological investments. At the same time, though, people in less fortunate situations seem to be losing out …

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I Identify With Two Faiths: Why That Matters


I was born and raised in Southern California, a hub for religious and cultural diversity. I was able to interact daily with people from across the world, whether it was one of the few schools I attended near Culver City, or the babysitter who taught me the Spanish that I …

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The Zika Virus and Reproductive Rights

the pika virus and reproductive rights

The 2015-16 outbreak of the Zika virus has now reached pandemic levels in South America. The virus is spread by mosquitos in the daytime and it is often asymptomatic, with the glaring exception of pregnant people. If the virus is contracted, it can spread to a pregnant person’s fetus, causing …

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Documentary of the Century: “Divided We Fall”

Valarie Kaur Documentary of the Century- -Divided We Fall-

One of the highlights of my junior year of high school was my world religions class. It was the class I had been dying to take since 7th grade and it was more magical than I ever imagined. It is sort of difficult to put into words how much the class …

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