May 30, 2015

A New Picture of Health: The Impact of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria

UN Foundation: A film by David Evans with narration by Dr. Jane Goodall A New Picture of Health,” a 26-minute documentary, examines the work of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria and the impact it has had on saving the lives of individuals, women and children in particular, in the developing world. The Global Fund is a partnership between public and private sector organizations that is committed to distributing resources in order to prevent the spread of and treat current cases of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. … [Read more...]

Tracking the Monster

This VH1 News documentary chronicles two emotional journeys to Africa by Golden Globe nominee Ashley Judd and Grammy winner India.Arie. They travel to the front lines of the global fight against HIV/AIDS. Through their eyes and in their own words, Ashley and India.Arie tell the stories of lives forever changed by the pandemic and witness how the disease is decimating communities in Kenya and Madagascar. … [Read more...]

Nothing But Nets

A short film documenting the efforts of former Americans for Informed Democracy students campaigning for Malaria aid on NBC’s Today show. … [Read more...]


This film centers around Fatima, who returns to Baghdad from abroad after the fall of Saddam Hussein to confront a harsh reality and shattered dreams. Fatima is a psychological film that tackles the devastating effects of war on civilians, families and women. Shot on location, the film captures raw reality and strong emotions that unfold in situations where violence prevails and the social and more fabric deteriorates. Set against this gloomy background, this life-affirming film highlights the importance of maintaining ethical standards in chaos. … [Read more...]

Confronting the Pandemic

The YouthAIDS Global Ambassador, Ashley Judd, is teaming up with her friend Salma Hayek on a one-hour documentary about Judd's work with YouthAIDS. On this trip through Central America, she takes Hayek on an unforgettable journey.  From the brothels of Guatemala City to the coast of Honduras, these women are on a mission to get the message out.  It’s a message of hope, these young people can change their future by changing the behavior that puts them at risk of infection. … [Read more...]

The Last Child: The Global Race to End Polio

The Last Child tells the behind-the-scenes story of the global campaign to eradicate polio, a campaign which is the largest non-military global enterprise ever, involving dozens of organizations, scores of governments, thousands of health workers, and millions of volunteers. From the frontlines in Nigeria, India, Haiti and elsewhere, you’ll witness the victories and challenges of trying to wipe out a disease worldwide for only the second time in history. Approximately one hour and with bonus videos and photo galleries. … [Read more...]

Yesterday: Powerless to Change the Past, She Lived to Change the Future

The first film nominated for both an Oscar and and Emmy Award, and the first international film produced in Zulu, a South African language, Yesterday is the empowering and inspiring story of a South African woman diagnosed with HIV. Yesterday, a South African woman, doesn’t have an easy life. There’s little money, no modern conveniences, her husband is away working in the mines of Johannesburg, yet she possesses a sunny nature and takes great joy in her seven-year-old daughter, Beauty. The precarious balance of Yesterday’s life is suddenly … [Read more...]

We Will Not Die Like Dogs

This movie profiles AIDS activists from Nigeria, Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Zambia. Honest and provocative testimonies of individuals living with the epidemic include two HIV-positive women fighting stigma and discrimination, a doctor working to care for HIV-infected children in rural villages, and a reggae artist using his status among youth and the media to bring awareness to HIV/AIDS.  Conceived of by two African medical students at Yale who were tired of African portrayed only as victims to the epidemic and directed by international health … [Read more...]

Silent Killers

This is a powerful new documentary that tells us that there are still a billion hungry people in the world and that 15,000 children die each day of hunger.  Taking us to South Africa, Kenya and Brazil, the documentary provides the viewer with a message of optimism that innovative programs are showing us how global hunger can be eradicated. 57 minutes. … [Read more...]

SASA! A Film about Women, Violence, and HIV/AIDS

Sasa is a Kiswahili word that means now. Now is the time to prevent violence against women and HIV infection. This 30-minute documentary film tells the personal stories of two women and their experiences with violence and HIV/AIDS. [There is a 6-minute version of the film available as well--great for introducing awareness of the film and it's themes into larger conferences]. It also offers analysis from activists and leaders about the casual factors, cultural dynamics, and politics of preventing and responding to these dual pandemics. This film … [Read more...]