May 26, 2015

Challenging Americans’ Insular View of the World

by William Pfaff Tribune Media Services May 11, 2005 A year ago, this writer received an email from a young American who was a Marshall Scholar at Oxford. He had liked my … [Read more...]

Americans Must Understand the Bush Doctrine

by Eugene B. Kogan The Waterford Times March 11, 2005 Oscars are worth watching after all. Millions of Americans who tuned in for the Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27, saw Chris … [Read more...]

American Congress-Bundestag Youth Participate in Bringing the World Home

by Isidro Barragán CDSsense (The Magazine of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals) Spring 2005 Caption: American Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for … [Read more...]

Genocide or civil war? Forum seeks answers

by Matt Chayes Binghamton Pipe Dream April 29, 2005 The statistics are at once mindnumbing and heartbreaking. 250,000 dead. 2 million homeless. 800,000 beyond the reach of … [Read more...]

U.N.’s future, competence in world examined

by Ananda Sekhar Ray The Daily Northwestern April 28, 2005 Gareth Evans, former Australian foreign minister, debated with Richard Williamson, ambassador to the U.N. Commission on … [Read more...]

Moderates speak with One Voice: Group offers forum for Mideast stance

by Stephen Franklin Chicago Tribune April 27, 2005 Orit Gazit decided to speak out when a good friend was shot dead in Jerusalem. He was an Arab, not a Jew, as his attackers … [Read more...]

Discussion at U looks at U.N. policy: The Americans for Informed Democracy University chapter sponsored the event

by Naomi Scott Minnesota Daily April 20, 2005 The University got a chance to weigh in on the future of the United Nations on Tuesday at Moos Tower in a town hall meeting about … [Read more...]

Spinning the United Nations forward

by Sharon Schmickle Minneapolis Star Tribune April 19, 2005 A counterpoint to Sen. Norm Coleman's criticisms of the United Nations' leader will sound today at Macalester College … [Read more...]

Bolton Faces the Firing Squad: A confirmation hearing without confirmation?

by TORY HOEN AND SAM COCHRAN College Hill Independent April 17, 2005 JUST AS REPUBLICAN members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee prepared to approve the nomination of John … [Read more...]

Bowdoin Shows Generosity

by Matt Martin Bowdoin Orient April 15, 2005 To the Editor: Tremendous generosity—that's the only way we can describe it. With spring upon us, it would have been easy for … [Read more...]

Panelists clash over U.N. nominee

by Shawn Ban Brown Daily Herald 4/14/05 After the Senate Foreign Relations Committee concluded its third day of hearings on the appointment of John Bolton as U.S. ambassador to the … [Read more...]

Woman Persists In Task Born On 9/11

by William Weir Hartford Courant April 12, 2005 NEW HAVEN -- In the days after 9/11, Mary Fetchet was one of many family members who descended on Washington, D.C., demanding … [Read more...]

Improved foreign relations urged

by Angela Carter New Haven Register April 12, 2005 NEW HAVEN — Now that the 9/11 Commission has made 41 recommendations and President Bush has signed national security reforms into … [Read more...]

Lieberman discusses 9/11 reforms

by Marcus Leonard Yale Daily News April 12, 2005 CAPTION: Sen. Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 addresses a large audience in the Law School to urge the adoption of a foreign policy … [Read more...]

Leaders advocate lessons of 9-11

by LINDA CONNER LAMBECK Connecticut Post April 12, 2005 Along with free pizza, an audience of 250 Yale undergraduates and law students got homework Monday during a panel discussion … [Read more...]

U.N. Reform: Can The U.N. Become Relevant To International Security?

by Bernard Perlstein News Informant April 11, 2005 In the Sudanese province of Darfur, since early 2004, government-supported Arabist militiamen have terrorized black Africans. In … [Read more...]

NELC professors delve into Iranian cultural mentality

by Eliot Marcus The Maroon (University of Chicago) April 8, 2005 Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations Professor Heshmat Moayyad and Negin Nabavi of Princeton University … [Read more...]

ASU Hosts Public Forum On U.S. Role In Sudan

by Staff Writer The Mountain Times April 7, 2005 The brutal violence and killing currently taking place in Sudan has resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths. Secretary of State … [Read more...]

Students discuss nuclear containment

by Erin Oliver Volante (University of South Dakota) April 6, 2005 Nine USD students gathered in the Continuing Education building March 30 to participate in a video conference … [Read more...]

Emory students hold global chat

by Shelia M. Poole, Mark Bixler Atlanta Journal and Constitution April 6, 2005 Several Emory University students linked by video last week for two sessions with people from other … [Read more...]

Students, Sri Lankan Officials Exhange Idea Via Video Link

by Kellie Schmitt San Jose Mercury News April 6, 2005 Dozens of college students made plans to gather at campuses across the United States and Australia on Monday night to … [Read more...]

Official discusses role of U.N.

by David A. Nosko Indiana Daily Student April 6, 2005 The United States launched a pre-emptive strike against Iraq in 2002 without the unanimous support or approval of the U.N. … [Read more...]

Rice joins in videoconference with Sri Lankan Distance Learning Center

by Ruth Samuelson The Thresher (Rice University) April 5, 2005 Sri Lankan tsunami relief workers spoke to students at Rice and five other universities about the tsunami’s damage, … [Read more...]

Lessons From Anthrax Scare

by Peter Urban Connecticut Post (Bridgeport, CT) 4/14/05 WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon came under fire last week from two Connecticut lawmakers who worry that the military's top brass … [Read more...]

Congressman Joe Barton’s Weekly Constituent Email Update

by Joe Barton Barton Bytes April, 01, 2005 Greetings! Congress was in recess this week, but I have several news items to report from the district. Don’t forget to “spring forward” … [Read more...]

UNO students organize global conference about international development

by Angi Sada UNO Gateway April 01, 2005 UNO students joined students from around the globe for a morning videoconference about international development and the role that the … [Read more...]

The Powell Factor: Analyzing the Role of the Powell Doctrine in U.S. Foreign Policy

by Josh Dormont Gaines Junction: Undergraduate Journal of History Spring 2005 JOSH DORMONT is a graduating senior at Cornell University in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a … [Read more...]

Students discuss North Korea in videoconference

by Laurie Cataldo Penn State Collegian March 31, 2005 About 15 Penn State students gathered in Old Main last night to participate in a videoconference with college students around … [Read more...]

Conference talk today: OU and Ukrainian students will discuss international policy

by John Stuart Oklahoma Daily March 31, 2005 OU students are gathering this morning for a videoconference with students in Kiev, Ukraine, to discuss the U.S. role in encouraging … [Read more...]

Videoconference engages global views of development

by Ann Tran Daily Northwestern March 31, 2005 Northwestern students discussed relations between rich and poor countries and the future of global development Tuesday morning in a … [Read more...]

Talking about U.N. reforms

by Pierre M. Atlas Indianapolis Star March 31, 2005 CAPTION: The town hall will be held at the Marian College Civic Theater auditorium at 7 p.m. Tuesday and is free and open to … [Read more...]

Duquesne University connects with students across state, world

by Michael Wargo The Duquesne Duke March 31, 2005 A group of students gathered in a small room in Fisher Hall in front of a television screen that projected students from other … [Read more...]

Videoconference allows worldwide aid discussion

by Tristan Vawters The Shorthorn (University of Texas at Arlington) March 30, 2005 CAPTION: Robert Gonzalez, political science senior and UTA’s Americans for Informed Democracy … [Read more...]

SF State, Stanford and Berkley join with other universities in Texas for Virtual Dialogue with Tsunami Region

by Daniele Tavares [X]Press (San Francisco State University) March 29, 2005 SF State joined with Stanford University, UC Berkley, Rice and St. Mary’s universities, Texas, Monday to … [Read more...]

Students, int’l NGOs discuss tsunami relief

by Ronald Chan Stanford Daily March 29, 2005 Students from Stanford and four other American universities participated in a live videoconference with representatives from several … [Read more...]

Students link with aid groups in Sri Lanka

by Wyatt Buchanan San Francisco Chronicle March 29, 2005 Now that Sri Lanka's recovery from December's catastrophic tsunami has moved into the rebuilding phase, more international … [Read more...]

Post tsunami reconstruction pace

by Lionel Fernando, Chairperson, Disaster Relief Monitoring Unit, Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka) March 27, 2005 There were distribution of 1000 … [Read more...]

New U.Va. group hosts town meeting: Former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations addressed global environment

by Jenny Hernandez Cavalier Daily March 23. 2005 Caption: The town hall meeting focused on the effects that global policies could have in the international community. The new group … [Read more...]

Raising Awareness

by Lindy Jurack Independent Collegian (University of Toledo) 3/17/05 A new organization is being formed at UT to raise global discussion and awareness on campus. Americans for … [Read more...]

Cornell Hosts AID Panel on UN Reform

by Benjamin Seligman Turn Left March 16, 2005 Ithaca, NY – On Tuesday, March 1st, the Cornell chapter of Americans for an Informed Democracy held a panel discussion on the need … [Read more...]

How diplomacy can defuse the North Korean crisis

by Eugene B. Kogan The Japan Times 3/9/2005 WASHINGTON -- "The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity," a wise man once observed. Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura … [Read more...]

Sudan in crisis while world yawns

by ISRA YAGHOUBI, Senior Staff Writer UCSD Guardian 03/ 07/2005 If thousands are massacred and no one sees it, did it really happen? If thousands are massacred and one of the … [Read more...]

Editorial Notebook: Young Americans for Dialogue

by Robert Mott Sacramento Bee It's easy to become cynical in an age when the horrors of terrorism, the dissembling of politicians and the seeming inability of governments and … [Read more...]

Panel addresses U.S., U.N. in Darfur

by Marie-Jo Mont-Reynaud Stanford Daily 3/5/2005 In an effort to discuss the violence in the Darfur region of Sudan in light of U.S.-African relations, a panel of academics and … [Read more...]

Videoconference Forum Brings Political Views Together

by Tiffany Leslie San Francisco State XPress 3/5/2005 SF State students and representatives from Americans for Informed Democracy (AID) met last night on the SF State campus, via … [Read more...]

Government official talks at Coffman Union about pre- and post-Sept. 11, 2001, security

by Mohamad Elmasry Minnesota Daily 3/2/2005 University students gathered Tuesday to listen to a high-ranking government official speak about what the United States is doing to … [Read more...]

Students discuss politics via international video forum

by Lauren Eichmann Daily Illini March 1, 2005 Hundreds of college students across the globe will communicate with one another tonight via a live videoconference to discuss American … [Read more...]

Organization Aims To Inform Americans About The Rest Of The World

by Bernie Pearlstein News Informant 2/28/2005 Seth Green was in the U.K. right after Sept. 11th and noticed that students from all over the world were showing sympathy for the … [Read more...]

Ambassador discusses ways to improve political climate: The speaker elaborates on how U.S. foreign policy could best be used to curb terrorism threat

by Romel Lira The Shorthorn (UT-Arlington) 2/24/2005 Former Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani said that in order for the United States to alleviate the threat of Islamic … [Read more...]

Panel addresses future of U.S.-African Relations

by Lan Nguyen The Trail (University of Puget Sound) From students interested in careers in foreign policy to inquiring citizens of Tacoma, several dozen people gathered in Trimble … [Read more...]