May 30, 2015

The Invisible Hand

I think on some level we are all familiar with Adam Smith’s concept of the "Invisible Hand;" the metaphor used to describe the self-regulating behavior of the market place.  Essentially, he argues that economies are structures that exist as a result of, but also independent from, the behavior of the individuals that comprise it.  The sum total of an economy, Smith surmises, is our independent financial decisions interacting with one another to produce a market force or event (ie: supply and demand or dare I say it, the “Great Recession”). But the … [Read more...]

It’s the end of the world as we know it.

So with the world ending today I thought I would take the time to unpack what that might mean for young people who have just settled into the underwhelming reality of life post school.  If the hype is to be believed on Dec. 21 2012 the world is going to come to an end…at least, according to the Mayans.  Fortunately for us, this doomsday prediction is just a fatalist Western misinterpretation of what is actually a far more hopeful message. The difference between us and the Mayans comes down to how we perceive time.  We view it as linear.  Time moves … [Read more...]

Millennials and the 21st Century Workforce: Is This Really What You Want?

When it comes to the" ins" and "outs" of the job market, the "Millennial" generation faces a host of challenges marred by contradictions.  On one hand there exists the pervasive belief that our generation will supplant the Baby Boomers as the primary stewards of government and the market place.  On the other hand, a less than reliable economy has left 50% of recent college graduates either unemployed or underemployed. The reasons are fairly obvious.  The economy has stalled the retirement plans of many baby boomers.  More young people than ever have … [Read more...]

Take Off the Bracelet and Join the Peace Corps

A few weeks back South Park aired a fantastic episode that, on face, was mocking Lance Armstrong and his association with Live Strong.  The underlying message was fairly obvious but I bring it up because it has tremendous relevance to the concept of youth leadership. In the episode everyone became obsessed with these little things they called SCauses, or sleeve causes; wristbands, like the live strong bracelets, that represented the causes people believed in.  After an extended and brilliantly done Dr. Seuss parody it became very evident that these … [Read more...]

Advisory Board Members Meet in Washington, DC!

Members of AIDemocracy’s dynamic Advisory Board met this weekend in Washington, DC to finalize the network’s strategy and implementation for the year.  Eight members out of twelve and AIDemocracy’s network coordinator spent Friday evening and all of Saturday discussing various topics related to the network’s various marketing and branding endeavors and team strategies. The other four advisory board members were unable to attend due to prior engagements--Cory Rodgers, a 2012 Rhodes Scholar, is currently in London studying at Oxford University while Ramis … [Read more...]

Emerging technological trends and Global Security


Of the world’s 100 largest economic entities, 51 are now corporations and 49 are countries. Gross Domestic Product of corporations such as Wal-Mart, General Motors, Exxon mobil and Ford Motors are calculated to exceed GDP’s of states like Norway, Singapore, South Africa and Malaysia. Since domestic markets in a country like Bangladesh depends heavily on companies like Wal-Mart, it is not an alien conceept that these MNC’s today can leverage their economic power by impacting foreign policy in developing nations. Although they weild vast power, MNC’s … [Read more...]

Occupying Wall Street: vocalizing the frustrations of our generation

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement jolts us into important debate around our financial system, the fate of our generation, and how young people should be using our voice to demand change. Whether or not you agree with the goals of the group, the very act of standing up and speaking out about a system fraught with inconsistencies and imbalances must be admired. Let us use this moment as a call to action to not only question our financial system, but our political one as well. And most importantly, let’s remember that as youth we have tremendous power that … [Read more...]

Educate yourself about HIV/AIDS

In three-decades since the emergence of the HIV/AIDS, it has grown from an epidemic to a pandemic. While I can only speak for myself, I can say that this is a topic that I do not think about every day. Yet for many others, whether directly confronted or indirectly affected, HIV/AIDS is something that is relentless and constantly on their minds. This is an issue that has not gone away. There are no veritable vaccines and the medications and programs that treat it are limited to those who can afford treatment. Do you sometimes wonder what’s going on with … [Read more...]

Are you ready? It’s time to change the world.

Last month, USAID launched a new “Youth Impact” initiative to acknowledge the powerful role that today’s young people can--and do--play in global development. According to the program's new site, "America's youth understand and care more about development than ever before, inspired by the chance to drive meaningful change and eager to use their skills to help those in greatest need," and I couldn't agree more! My only question is, why did it take them so long? Throughout history, young adults around the world have proven themselves to be agents of … [Read more...]

No One Likes a One-Horse Race: Join us in asking the IMF to reform its leadership!

Take Action! Help us call for a more transparent and fair selection process for the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)! In early May the Managing Director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, resigned after being arrested for attempted rape, creating an instant scandal and a slew of media coverage. In fact, Kahn’s abrupt resignation has brought an unprecedented level of attention to the IMF, highlighting both the influence of this institution as well as the serious need for a transparent, merit-based and fair Managing Director … [Read more...]