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Introduction to BRICS

By Alex Tuai. In the world of international relations, economics, and finance, one of the most common acronyms used is BRICS. Originally born as BRIC by former Goldman Sachs economics Jim O’Neill in 2001, it stood for the four fastest emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Then in 2010, …

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Chinese Foreign Policy, the Case of South Sudan

By Alex Beck.   In the previous articles on AIDemocracy’s South Sudan blog, the actions and policies of other nations and intergovernmental organizations in response to the current crisis have been covered in order to better grasp the numerous complexities that the war in South Sudan presents. However, in doing so, …

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Bridging the Gap: ADIZ Controversy Highlights Need to Focus on US-China Cooperation

By Gao Qinglian China established an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea on November 23, 2013. An ADIZ is airspace over land or water in which the identification, location and control of civil aircraft are required in the interest of national security. These zones can extend …

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Bridging the Gap: Reactions to the Shutdown

By Gao Qinglian Recently I was in Whitefish, Montana on a road trip from Seattle to Glacier National Park, one of the parks I have wanted to visit for years now. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning, so I decided to head down to the breakfast room at our hotel. …

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Bridging the Gap: An Initiative for Change

By Gao Qinglian In 1994 when I was 6, the first KFC was launched in my hometown in China. In 2000, I got my first piece of American clothing, a hoodie for an NBA team, the Chicago Bulls. Throughout my time in elementary school, all I knew about America was fried …

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Bridging the Gap: A Reflection on the Fourth of July

By Gao Qinglian Last year, on the Fourth of July I went to Seattle Center with the Washington Secretary of State for my Naturalization Ceremony. I was told that being naturalized to an American citizen on Independence Day was very meaningful, and I could tell that July 4th meant a …

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