April 18, 2014


Our teams run this network! They produce all of the content for our website and social media pages, plan and execute campaigns, and oversee special projects. Team members are all virtual volunteers.

Sofia Ahsanuddin | Network Coordinator

Sofia is a returning network coordinator. She has been working with AID for about 5 years now and is currently studying in a joint medical program to obtain her BA/MD. She has always been interested in global/public health, US-American-Muslim relations, and US foreign policy towards the Middle East. In addition to AID, Sofia is working with the Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YP-CDN) and the NYU Prevention Research Center and she previously interned with the Temple of Understanding at the United Nations.  Sofia is also volunteering for an exciting historical archives project related to India (her country of origin). 

Kelsi Caywood | Network Coordinator

[singlepic id=1939 w=100 float=left] Kelsi is currently a National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) cultural ambassador to Korea. After a year of intensive language training and traveling, she will start her freshman year at Yale where she will study Global Affairs and Anthropology. She joined AID with an interest in interfaith work and stayed for the energizing opportunity to work with active change-makers.  Academic interests aside, Kelsi enjoys running, writing, and a good cup of coffee.

Sarah McGough | Network Coordinator

Sarah is a senior at the University of Notre Dame studying anthropology, pre-medicine, and Portuguese. Sarah is a Coordinator for AID this year; in previous years, she sat on the Advisory Board and was a campaign coordinator for the Global Peace & Security Team. Sarah’s interests lie in the intersection of health and human rights, medical anthropology, and the study of cultural paradigms of health around the world–her research has taken her to Uganda and Brazil twice, where she also spent six months studying abroad. Sarah started out with AID in the campaign teams, so as Coordinator she will be working with the 1000 Visions and Biofuels campaign teams!

Andrew Hinton | Network Coordinator

Andrew graduated from Pennsylvania State University’s Schreyer Honors College with a degree in History and International Relations. A few interest areas he is most passionate about include global food insecurity and malnourishment, gender inequality, low access to health and education, conflict resolution, and peace-building. He also cares about social entrepreneurship and the development of market-based solutions to global issues. In the future, Andrew hopes to be tackling systemic challenges as an American diplomat or policy-maker. As for working within the AIDemocracy movement, he is eager to join the Movement Building team!

Alex Talbott | Branding

Alex is a recent graduate of Northeastern University, and believes there is an inordinate number of young adults with the passion and potential to become globally-aware activists, they often just don’t know how to begin. Through this position he hopes to aid in the development of future leaders to represent the United States. As a kid, he was once caught in a dust storm, chased by rottweilers and bitten by a tick all on the same day, and it was one of the funnest days of his life!

Naffy Castaneda | Issue Analyst

 Having recently earned a BA in International Relations/Political Science from Florida International University, Naffy is on AIDemocracy’s training team and also contributes as an Issue Analyst. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Naffy grew up with an acute appreciation for cultural differences and an innate love for public service. Naffy is relocating to Prague where she hopes to spread AIDemocracy’s mission while pursuing a career assisting refugees and migrants.  Optimistic, endlessly curious, and adventurous Naffy’s motto is: live and let live; love and let love.

Breanna Bellatti | Issue Analyst

Breanna is a senior at Parker School in Kamuela, HI. She became involved with AID when she attended the Global Scholars program at American University during the summer of 2013 — quite possibly the best summer adventure ever! The Global Scholar program and AID inspired Breanna to apply to be a research assistant for a Harvard PhD candidate’s work on the politicization of labor unions in the Middle East. When she’s not combing through thousands of articles about Bahrain, Breanna likes to paddleboard around Kealakekua Bay and arrange Anchorman-themed movie nights. At Parker School, Breanna is a senior class representative to Student Council and a member of the National Honor Society, as well as a lead debater for the Public Forum Debate Team and part of the cast of The Twelfth Night.

Ramis Wadood | Advisory Board 

 Ramis is originally from Detroit, MI. He is currently studying Political Science and Anthropology at Columbia University. He is President of his class, and is the Political Affairs Chair of the Muslim Students Association. In the summer of 2014, he is interning at the State Department in Washington, D.C. After graduating, he hopes to work for the State Department and eventually attend law school. Ramis joined AIDemocracy in high school through the Global Scholars program, and is currently on the Advisory Board and leading the 1000 Visions of Global Change campaign. He was inspired by AID’s mission, and hopes to inspire others with a similar spirit and outlook. Youth are the future of political and cultural development, and empowering them as early as possible will make our world stronger and our future brighter. 

Erin Corbett | Blog Lead & Editor

 Erin is a Junior at Hampshire College and is working towards a BA in Middle Eastern Politics and the War on Terror, and a minor in Photography for Creative Intervention.  She has been working with AID for about 8 months as a Network Lead and Blog Strategist, and is very passionate about international social justice issues.  She is an active leader in the student government association and is currently working with the office of Civil Liberties and Public Policy at Hampshire to plan the 28th annual conference, From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom.  Erin hopes to one day pursue a career in investigative reporting.

Gabriella Scipione | Campaigns

Gabriella is currently a Better Biofuel team member with AIDemocracy and former Global Scholar. A junior at Grosse Pointe South High School in metro Detroit, she has long been active in her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance and her community. Through her love of writing, poetry, and history, she expresses her interest in international politics, particularly US interactions with other developed nations and how they relate to human rights in the developing world.

Allison Saft | Issue Analyst

Allison graduated from Albright College with a BA in English and creative studies (music/film) and the University of York, UK, with a MA degree in Writing for Performance. Allison uses her writing to address the issues of the day she is most concerned about, which include the environment (fracking, GMO’s, factory farms, pollution, etc. ) human rights (Darfur, Israel, gender oppression) and politics (citizens united, free speech, Manning, and many campaigns). Allison has worked with Penn Environment, Moveon.org, Organizing for America, Green Mountain Energy, Food and Water Watch, J Street, and many others, and likes to use her experience and passion to forward AIDemocracy and it’s commendable intentions, while learning a lot about organizing, project planning, and how to best gain momentum from involving the public, especially the youth, in achieving these goals.

Shahid Ahmad | Biofuels Campaign

Shahid Ahmad is an Issue Analyst and campaigner for AIDemocracy.  A senior at Bloomfield Hills High School, he is deeply interested in foreign affairs and the issues facing society today and in the future.  Outside of AIDemocracy, he participates in a wide variety of activities fulfilling this interest; he leads a multi-state organization known as CURE Club, volunteers extensively at his local soup kitchens, and has a knack for taking people’s blood–*ahem*–organizing blood drives.  In school, he actively involves himself in classes involving global history and economics, while for the school forensics team he delivers speeches on topics ranging from America’s elderly to US-China relations.  He hopes to pursue economics and international development/affairs in college.  Meanwhile, in his spare time, he pursues these interests by reading nonfiction, scouring the web, and lightheartedly debating deep philosophical issues with friends.

Cecilia Aleman | Issue Analyst

Cecilia is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, where she earned a BS in Mass Communications and Creative Advertising. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. Metro area, she has always been interested in global affairs and creating awareness of international issues such as human rights and environmental conservation. She is currently a freelance writer, producing blog posts, web content, and articles for multiple digital firms. Being a classically trained ballet dancer, she enjoys working on her technique and doing yoga in her spare time.

Mariah Novotne | Hope not Hate Campaign

Mariah is a junior in High School in Virginia. She was a AIDemocracy Global Scholar in 2013, and plans to study International Relations in college. She recently started a CARE club at her school that’s centered on raising money for people in developing nations and raising awareness about global poverty. Mariah is on the Movement Builders AIDemocracy team and hopes to gain more leadership experience and more knowledge about global issues and ways to help solve them. She is also actively involved in soccer, Key Club, 4-H, and many leadership committees at her school.

Christina Selby Website

Christina is a senior at the Nightingale-Bamford School in New York City. She started working for AID this summer as a general intern and is staying on this year to help with the re-branding process, especially the new website. Year round, Christina work for a non-governmental organization at the United Nations called The Working Group on Girls, which focuses on girls’ rights and girls’ participation at the U.N. and around the world. This will be her third year working with them. Christina also leads her school’s Gay-Straight Alliance called Spectrum and is helping launch an inter school GSA program for all high school students in New York City. She is the editor-in-chief of her school’s current events magazine and helps lead their Students For a Free Tibet chapter. Christina’s interests lie with human rights but also peace and nuclear security. She hopes to major in International Studies when she is finally done with college applications!

Kevin Wu | Website

Kevin Wu currently serves as the Sr. Vice President & Chief Technical Officer for Youth at National Change (YNC) and is in the process of becoming the CTO & co-founder of Xvolve. Additionally, Kevin Wu serves as a board member on YNC’s Board of Directors and is actively developing and expanding his educational social enterprise. Kevin is the CEO & Founder of another socially conscious software social enterprise. Currently Kevin is serving as a Rapporteur & member of the Global Issues Department of the International Youth Council (IYC) and will be proposing his educational social enterprise to be placed on United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Post-2015 Development Agenda through International Youth Council (IYC).

Hannah Wollenzien | Issue Analyst

Hannah Wollenzien has a passion to make the world a more just and understanding one, and is actively working on the Hope Not Hate and 1000 Visions campaigns. She is a freshman at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN studying biology and political science. Hannah enjoys singing acting, volunteering for political campaigns and running 5Ks. She also dances with the Fargo/Moorhead Ballet Company. After college, she plans to join the Peace Corps, followed by graduate or medical school with the intention to be a geneticist or work in global health. Hannah was an AID Global Scholar in 2013 and now wants to be more involved in the greater AID network. 

Margo Stockdale | Hope Not Hate

Margo is a junior at Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended AID’s Global Scholar program Summer 2013 and it is now her first year working with AID. Margo has a great interest in global issues and hopes to study international affairs or political science in college. She is extremely passionate Women’s issues and economic empowerment. She’s also interested in interfaith understanding and is involved in AID’s Hope Not Hate Campaign. Margo enjoys theater and running and is a member of her school’s Cross Country team, Model UN team and writes for her school newspaper.

Natasha Cox | Issue Analyst

Natasha is a junior from Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC. She attended Seeds of Peace  and AIDemocracy’s Global Scholar program in 2013. Natasha’s interests include human rights, female empowerment, and education and she hopes to study foreign affairs in college. Natasha runs track, competes in Model UN and debate, and is the head of the Foreign Affairs Club at her school.

Maddie Reeves | Editor

Maddie is a junior at Grand Rapids Catholic Central High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is interested in foreign affairs, and looks forward to being a part of the AIDemocracy team as an Editor. In her spare time Maddie enjoys a good run, writing, and experiencing new cultures by traveling the globe.

Gao Qinglan | Issue Analyst

Gao hails from Ningbo, China, a beautiful coastal city in East Coast of China near Shanghai. He studied at the University of Washington, Evans School of Public Affairs and received his MPA degree this past June. Specializing in Nonprofit management, he is interested in China-America partnership specifically. This March, Gao founded a nonprofit in Washington State named BRIDGING PACIFIC, focusing on cultivating collaborative skills among Chinese and American students. One of his favorite activities since coming to the US is taking road trips to places as far away as San Francisco and Yellowstone. He is also a big sports fan. Gao believes that a better partnership between China and United States will be beneficial to people from both countries.

Joe Joseph | Editor

 Joe is a current freshman at the University of Chicago, where he will be spending his first year attempting to figure out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. In high school, he explored a passion for journalism through his school newspaper and then translated this interest into a position as an Editor for AIDemocracy. In addition to writing, Joe loves watching TV shows about good food, making good food, and of course, eating good food.

Sri Nimmagadda | Issue Analyst

Sri contributes to AID as an Issue Analyst. He is a high school senior at Jackson High School in Mill Creek, Washington. His interests are in public and economy policy, education, and cultural issues. In his spare time, Sri likes to spend time writing, volunteering, and reading.

Taylor Kaserman | Social Media

Taylor is currently a junior at Boise State University. She became interested in AIDemocracy after reading about it online and seeing where it has gone so far as an organization. Taylor is working towards a degree in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. With this degree she hopes to work in foreign affairs and help out with civil rights and women’s rights across the world.

Kelly James | Advisory Board

Kelly has a Master’s Degree in Middle East Studies, with a concentration in international politics. Recently she completed an intensive course at the University of Jordan in Amman. Prior to graduate school she worked as a Senate Aide, specializing in immigrant and foreign affairs. Currently she is doing contract work for a non-profit focusing on human trafficking, as well as a research fellowship with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy. Kelly is also in the first of many semesters as a JD-PhD student at Rutgers in Newark, NJ. She is concentrating in Human and Women’s Rights and the Middle East. In her ‘free time,’ Kelly works as a fellow on Cory Booker’s Senate Campaign and loves cooking, animals and travel! Her interests include travel, cooking, animals and volunteer work.

Mashal Zaman | Social Media

 Mashal is currently a senior at Stony Brook University and is studying Political Science with an emphasis on international relations. Her hobbies include researching random historical events in her spare time and being a dedicated Arsenal fan. She joined AIDemocracy because the organization focuses on youth global engagement and she wants everyone to be informed about current events which is why she is working with the social media team. 

Jesse Tabak | Issue Analyst

Jesse comes from the Windy City, or rather the suburbs of, Chicago, IL. He is currently a Sophomore in high school. Jesse joined AID because he loves current events. He felt that AID would provide him an outlet to express his love for the news while getting people of our generation involved as well. In the future, Jesse would love to work on Wall Street, hopefully in Investment Banking or Hedge Funds. Today, however, Jesse enjoys competing in extracurricular activities such as Math Team, Scholastic Bowl, and Forensics, where he has won several awards. Jesse thinks that youth have so much power nowadays that they don’t even realize. Youth are the future of the world and should get involved in causes they believe in as such.

Nicki Totiyapungprasert | Biofuels Campaigns

Nicki was was born in Thailand and grew up in Hurst, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth,Texas. Nicki is a Junior at the University of North Texas. She is currently studying Political Science and International Studies and is very passionate about women’s issues, LGBT rights, human rights in general, and international politics. Nicki serves as the secretary of Model International Organization, an organization focused on fostering interest in foreign affairs and participating in model simulation conferences. Nicki is currently a member of the Movement Builders team. She hopes to be able to learn more about the issues the team plans to tackle and hopes to gain additional experience in working together virtually and remotely. 

Pragya KC | Social Media

 Pragya has worked with AID since early 2013 and is originally from Nepal but she moved to the United States with her family when she was 9 years old. Currently, she is studying Economics and Spanish at the University of Washington; more specifically, her interests lie in the field of international and developmental economics. Aside from her studies, she’s extremely emotionally invested in sports (mainly soccer and tennis) and she also enjoys blogging, reading and watching movies. She joined AIDemocracy because she believes that this organization addresses key concepts that are required for democracy: youth involvement and, the fluidity and availability of information. She believes that youth participation can be extremely powerful when campaigning for change and social justice. Therefore, youth consciousness must to be elevated so that they are more engaged in the global community in order to act as vehicles for universal democracy. 

Frank Boudon | Issue Analyst

Frank is a high school junior from Troy, Michigan who joined AIDemocracy in the hopes of exploring the global issues which so intrigue him. He is actively involved in his local government and community, believing that change starts at the roots. Frank’s interests include education policy, international relations, and cross-cultural understanding. In his free time, he enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, and of course spending time with friends and family.

Triza Brion | 1000 Visions Campaign

Triza is a second year MPH student at Drexel University with a keen interest in global health. Triza wants to expose the many health disparities and inequities in the U.S. and abroad while empowering youth to question and subsequently improve existing health policies and systems. She is currently working on the campaign, 1000 Visions of Global Change, with Ramis and looks forward to see it launch into something big!! Triza’s interests are in public health and her passions are in maternal and child health as well as global health. Triza just returned from Senegal and The Gambia with a cohort of public health professors and students. Fun fact: Triza once skipped right into a tree; needless to say, she was not the only one laughing.

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