April 19, 2014

Kristen Tebow – Midwest Regional Coordinator

Kristen Tebow is a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Women’s Studies and Criminology. She created the first student abolition movement in Kansas in 2009 which is now known as the KSU chapter of AID. All through school year 2009-10, she and the rest of the organization put on events to raise awareness for Human Trafficking. She travels around to different conferences and universities each year, giving presentations and promoting her story of how she was trafficked on her college campus. She hopes to inspire other women to come forward. In the future she wants to build a large shelter in the Midwest to provide health care and rehabilitative counseling services to the victims of human trafficking. This past summer, she landed an internship working at the Gender Violence Education and Support Services Office at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. There, she learned more and more about putting on presentations on a college campus. She did research about prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking and put together a power point presentation that she and her boss gave to a group of DU Administrators and the surrounding community. She is planning the first annual Relay to Freedom and plans to continue traveling to spread the word.

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Young Leaders Create Big Change, Meet Danny!

Danny Hall is currently serving as a Global Health Corps fellow and program manager with Strengthening Decentralization for Sustainability, a US Agency for International Development project based in Kampala, Uganda. This is a bit of a career change for him as he previously worked in finance (mostly with Citibank, but also with HSBC and Corporate Financial Advisors) for five years and has served in the US Army Reserve / National Guard since his seventeenth birthday. What are some of the biggest challenges facing our generation today? I see balancing … [Read more...]

Young Leaders Creating Big Change

There is plenty going on in today’s world and things are changing quickly everyday. From poverty to climate change, we all have a cause. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s change makers, but we say, “why wait?” Youth are doing so many amazing things to build a better world! Whether engaged in social entrepreneurship, starting a campaign, going into academia, young global change makers pave the way to social change. The AID team asked these young leaders to tell us about their own pathways! Check out these profiles of inspiring young leaders who are stepping … [Read more...]

Young Leaders Create Big Change, Meet Rachel!

Rachel Merker works as a Short Term International Intern in Uppsala, Sweden with Cru, a global Christian ministry. Her role as an intern there is to facilitate the growth of a Cru student movement at the local University. This means she spends her days networking with and mentoring students, planning meetings and special events, conducting surveys, and developing a social media strategy to build their presence on campus. What are some of the biggest challenges facing our generation today? Our generation is probably the most “global” generation … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Congress

By Matt Vaughan I’d like to draw your attention to the “complicated” relationship between “We the People” of the United States and our members of Congress. If you’re like the majority of Americans,your lack of confidence in Congress is at an all time low. It seems one of the few things Democrats, Republicans and Independents can all agree on is our dissatisfaction with how Congress is representing us. But what’s to blame for this frustration? It could be that you’re concerned about the influence corporate lobbyists have on members of Congress. But how … [Read more...]

New President Brings Welcome Change to Iranian Government

By Jesse Tabak Iran, a nation long out of reach for Western powers, has recently been experiencing a thaw in its typically-frozen foreign relations. The primary reason for this change is a fundamental shift in ideology through a new government under President Hassan Rouhani. Prior to this past November, Iran was a country referred to interchangeably with places like North Korea. In both nations, a main source of concern for outside powers was the continual growth of a nuclear program, one suspected to be used for military purposes as opposed to … [Read more...]

High School Students: Join us for Global Scholar 2014!

EXPLORE GLOBAL ISSUES. LEARN TO LEAD. FIND YOUR PASSION. CHANGE YOUR WORLD. BE A GLOBAL SCHOLAR! Global Scholar 2014 American University, Washington D.C. July 20 – August 2, 2014 www.globalscholar.org Global Scholar is an intensive global leadership program for rising high school juniors and seniors. The program offers a powerful and unique curriculum that builds both 1) youth understanding of the great global challenges facing us today, as well as 2) the leadership skills and confidence to make change happen. Join us in 2014! Program … [Read more...]

Young Leaders Create Big Change: Meet Kait!

Kait is the Managing Director for a non-profit organization called Uganda Village Project (UVP) working in Iganga, Uganda. It is a public health NGO currently implementing programs in 13 villages in Iganga district. Program areas include malaria, HIV/AIDS, family planning, obstetric fistula, hygiene and sanitation and safe water. They work closely with the existing health centers and community health workers on education, accessing health services and primary prevention of disease. Kait's work empowers communities to seek out the health services … [Read more...]

And Don’t Forget About Egypt!

By Taylor Kaserman As many people by now have heard, Egypt has been undergoing a lot of governmental changes over the past few years. The revolution that started in 2011 has caused a lot of grief for the people in Egypt. With riots and violence being a daily thing, the rest of the world has turned its eyes away from Egypt to focus on other things. However, this may not be the best idea. Since the world’s focus has drifted away from Egypt, the issue of human rights has escalated quickly. It started out with a few women coming forth a couple of weeks … [Read more...]

Young Leaders Create Big Change, Meet Kristen

Social entrepreneur Kristin advises: "Do NOT give up... As long as you stay true to yourself, keep a person-centered approach, and place a higher value on truly helping the individual/group/population than your own personal gain, you will be able to make a positive impact on our world." There is plenty going on in today’s world and things are changing quickly everyday. From poverty to climate change, we all have a cause. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s change makers, but we say, “why wait?” Youth are doing so many amazing things to build a better world! … [Read more...]

What if You Couldn’t Vote?

By Natasha Baker Imagine the following scenario: you just turned 18 and are finally eligible to vote in the United States. It’s Thanksgiving break, and you’re heading home from college via Greyhound. At a rest stop, a cop comes on board and starts searching everyone’s stuff. When he comes up to you and asks if he can search your bag, you say yes, believing that it’s your obligation to. But you know there’s cocaine in your bag. Too late. You’re carrying enough for it to be considered a felony offense. You’re now labeled a felon for life, and … [Read more...]