May 22, 2015

Kristen Tebow – Midwest Regional Coordinator

Kristen Tebow is a senior at Kansas State University majoring in Women’s Studies and Criminology. She created the first student abolition movement in Kansas in 2009 which is now known as the KSU chapter of AID. All through school year 2009-10, she and the rest of the organization put on events to raise awareness for Human Trafficking. She travels around to different conferences and universities each year, giving presentations and promoting her story of how she was trafficked on her college campus. She hopes to inspire other women to come forward. In the future she wants to build a large shelter in the Midwest to provide health care and rehabilitative counseling services to the victims of human trafficking. This past summer, she landed an internship working at the Gender Violence Education and Support Services Office at the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. There, she learned more and more about putting on presentations on a college campus. She did research about prostitution, pornography, and human trafficking and put together a power point presentation that she and her boss gave to a group of DU Administrators and the surrounding community. She is planning the first annual Relay to Freedom and plans to continue traveling to spread the word.

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Join us for Global Scholar 2015!

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. MEET EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE. LEARN TO LEAD. FIND YOUR PASSION. BE A GLOBAL SCHOLAR! American University. July 19 – July 31, 2015 Calling all young global leaders! Global Scholar is a life-changing global leadership program for students who are eager to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. We provide the training, knowledge and support young leaders need to succeed. Through meetings with foreign policy experts, workshops in leadership and communications, and drafting a real … [Read more...]

Tips for Leading Meetings

By Ana Frigo. Whether you view this as a plus or a minus, you will eventually have to learn how to lead an effective meeting. Below are some tips to help you succeed! Message vs. Meet: This one may not always occur to people, but it’s something to think about. Do you need to hold a meeting to convey all the information you want to give out/receive? Or can you acquire what you need from a simple message? Before you plan out an entire meeting, make sure it’s not for something short enough to write in a quick message. Have a Purpose: Before you … [Read more...]

International Institutions 101: The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

By Alex Ogden. Greetings Change Makers! I hope life is treating you all well. I’ve decided to shake things up a bit and, for the first time, go over an international institution that does not quite exist yet, but its imminent debut will no doubt be a pretty significant shift for how international development happens. Just the announcement of the creation of this bank has caused quite the furor in recent weeks and signals some rapidly shifting power dynamics on the world stage. In case you had not already guessed, I am talking about none other than the … [Read more...]

Three Issues that Matter to Our Generation

By Michael N. Many issues are present throughout the international community. Some of these have loomed for decades and some have appeared in a matter of weeks. To the global citizen, every issue matters because every issue can be solved to unite and aid humanity. But there exist three issues that have great relevance to the people of my generation. Because of the active and ambitious nature of today's youth, these issues primarily concern longevity and legacy. My generation has inherited all of the greatest downstream effects of environmental … [Read more...]

How to Change the World at 17

By Juliana F. The term “global citizen” to many young teens is defined as an elite, adult group of activists who make a huge impact on the world. In my eyes, that is not a global citizen. I have found that age truly is just a number. By no means is anyone limited by their age, surroundings, or background when it comes to participating in promoting peace and bettering themselves as a global citizen. When I walk the halls of my high school, I find myself surrounded by global citizens. My definition of Global Citizen: One who takes the initiate … [Read more...]

Net Neutrality

By Adriel S. Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet Service Providers (ISP) and governments should treat all data on the internet equally, and not discriminate or censor certain websites or kinds of information based on the user.  Proponents of Net Neutrality argue that the central dogma of the internet age has been the freedom of information.  Opponents of Net Neutrality argue that video streaming sites, such as YouTube and Netflix, and illegal torrenting applications clog the ISP’s ‘pipes’ and slow down the internet for everyone. … [Read more...]

When Calling Your Representatives…

By Nikhil Although many young adults are interested in and passionate about global issues, very few actually take the next step in becoming a global citizen, which consists of actually raising awareness for their cause and trying to make their own personal impact on the global issue. When asked why they aren’t actively trying to make a positive change in regards to a global issue, most youth will respond with, “What can I do? Nothing I do will actually have an impact.” In reality, there is actually an easy, straightforward way to take action when it … [Read more...]

My Story

By Madigan G. I come from a relatively large family, what with me, my brothers Daniel (14) and Adam (13), and my sister Cara (8). Being the oldest has always had it’s ups and downs, but in a recent conversation I had with Cara, I got a chance to understand the opposite end of the spectrum: being the youngest. As the oldest, it always frustrates me that sometimes my parents seem to experimenting with the rules and regulations of "teenage-hood" as much as I am, and that they seem to be relaxing their expectations for my siblings in comparison to when … [Read more...]

The Pathway to Becoming a Global Citizen

By Julia A. I am fortunate enough to live in the Washington D.C. area, so my commute to American University for the Global Scholar Program was not nearly as long as some of my fellow scholars. However, although I have always recognized the influence of the D.C. area, as some of the most prominent and influential organizations are based in D.C., I never had the opportunity to witness what goes on behind closed doors. Attending the Global Scholar Program presented me with this rich experience to understand what these establishments are doing to help the … [Read more...]

Global Citizenship

By Emily H. Being a global citizen can mean so many things in the world today. While some people take being a citizen of the world very seriously, many people across the globe do not feel that they have any responsibility to the global community. This is something that definitely needs to change in the near future, as the number of problems the world faces continues to grow day by day. Issues such as hunger, women’s rights, and climate change could see serious improvements if people all over the world cared enough to make a difference and make the … [Read more...]