April 2, 2015

Kasturi Puntambekar – Marketing and Fundraising Fellow

Kasturi is a senior at American University in Washington, D. C. and is majoring in History with a minor in Psychology. Originally from a rural town in Massachusetts, she has worked in the development sector of non-profit organizations around the Capital and has enjoyed learning new and innovative ways of communicating with donors and foundations. She is looking forward to exploring new methods of promoting the cause of Americans for Informed Democracy and reaching out to the greater D. C. community in the process. As a student of a highly politically engaged university in the nation’s capital, she believes that students must be heard and can contribute greatly to the country’s endeavors on the international scale. In her free time, she enjoys Indian classical dance and cooking.

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Letter to the Editor

by Eugene Kogan New York Times April 19, 2006 To the Editor: In "Bombs That Would Backfire" (Op-Ed, April 16), Richard Clarke and Steven Simon rightly call on Congress to ask "hard questions" about a possible preventive war against Iran. Congress's oversight was an abject failure leading up to the preventive war on Iraq. If Congress fails to hold the Bush administration accountable on Iran, it will deal another blow to the American constitutional system of checks and balances. Eugene B. Kogan London, April 16, 2006 The writer is a … [Read more...]

Lecture will look at alternative energy

by Staff Writer Corvallis Gazette Times April 16, 2006 In preparation for Saturday’s Earth Day celebrations, OSU students are hosting a lecture on alternative energy.Luke Tonachel, policy analyst at the Natural Resource Defense Council and a leader of its Break the Chain Campaign to reduce United States dependence on foreign oil, will speak at 3 p.m. Tuesday in Memorial Union room 206. The event is sponsored by the Americans for Informed Democracy at OSU and Associated Students of OSU. Tonachel’s talk is part of a national series, “Securing the … [Read more...]

Workshop addresses poverty worldwide

by Rachel Ward George Street Observer (College of Charleston) 4/13/06 Students from more than 20 South Carolina universities learned techniques to raise global awareness in the United States and promote the Millennium Campaign's international efforts to eliminate poverty at the Global Leadership Workshop held at C of C March 31. Nearly 100 students completed the half-day workshop coordinated by Americans for Informed Democracy, a non-profit group seeking to educate college campuses on global issues. Although the event was open to all C of C … [Read more...]

GFDD/FUNGLODE series regarding social and national security issues

by Staff Writer Global Foundation for Democracy and Development Newsletter April 12, 2006 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic The series of documentary presentations and the following panel discussions were aimed to increase public awareness about current issues of global importance as hunger, nuclear weapons and peacekeeping missions. With the presentation of “The Peacekeepers”, Global Foundation Democracy and Development (GFDD), its sister organization in the Dominican Republic, Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), and the United … [Read more...]

Writer, history major attend poverty summit

by Michael Gembola The Collegian (Bob Jones University's student newspaper) April 6, 2006 I didn't wake up thinking about the starving children in Somalia today. In fact, ever since I started eating my vegetables of my own volition, I have heard less and less about them. But they didn't go away. And neither did the thousands of people without pure drinking water in Nicaragua, whom I did not know about until last Friday at the Young Global Leaders Summit on Ending Poverty. Junior history major Paul Matzko and I drove down to Charleston, S.C., … [Read more...]

Charles Taylor's Bitter End

Even almost a week after the fact, I have difficulty articulating my feelings on Charles Taylor's final capture.  This probably wouldn't be so hard if I hadn't been there to experience it. I arrived in Freetown, Sierra Leone on Sunday the 26th for a West Africa Bar Association conference, and gladly realized I was just in time to get up-to-date on all the rumors and speculations surrounding Taylor's impending extradition.  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the President of Liberia, had just formally requested Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria to give up the exiled … [Read more...]

Coalition looks to curb oil dependence

by Greg Harman Hometown News (Florida) March 31, 2006 MELBOURNE - The use of fossil fuels for transportation in the United States has been compared by some, including President George Bush, to an addiction. Experts say this addiction has compromised our country's economy, environment and security. But one alternative a group of lobbyists has proposed features a radical set of policies and requirements, which is designed to gradually curb the country's insatiable thirst for oil. The lobbying group recently met at the Florida Institute for … [Read more...]

Peace and Justice discussions: International Crimes Court awareness

by Megan Blank The Goshen College Record March 29, 2006 Continuing to raise awareness of United States and global issues, about 25 students, teachers and community members attended a Town Hall meeting on Sunday to discuss the future of U.S. involvement in the International Crimes Court. The meeting, "Darfur and Beyond: The Role of the International Crimes Court,'' was hosted by PAX, along with the Goshen College chapter of the Americans for an Informed Democracy. John Clark, a senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research, and … [Read more...]

Environmental town meeting at St. Mike’s on Thursday

by Burlington Free Press Staff Writer March 29, 2006 A town hall meeting scheduled Thursday at St. Michael's College will explore U.S. security, the global environment and how relatively small communities like Colchester can improve the environment, locally and globally. The event will feature a presentation from Julie Starr, a population and environmental specialist with the National Wildlife Federation. Her topic is called "Thinking Globally and Acting Globally: Why Population, Gender and the Environment Matter for International Policy." The … [Read more...]

GFDD/FUNGLODE presented ‘The Silent Killer’

by Staff Writer Global Foundation for Democracy and Development Newsletter March 27, 2006 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic On March 24, 2006, Global Foundation for Democracy and Development (GFDD) and Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo (FUNGLODE), with the collaboration of Americans for Informed Democracy (AID), presented ‘The Silent Killer' , a powerful one-hour documentary on the unfinished campaign against global hunger, followed by a discussion panel of international and national experts which included Maria Salas, World Food Program … [Read more...]