April 25, 2015

Kasturi Puntambekar – Marketing and Fundraising Fellow

Kasturi is a senior at American University in Washington, D. C. and is majoring in History with a minor in Psychology. Originally from a rural town in Massachusetts, she has worked in the development sector of non-profit organizations around the Capital and has enjoyed learning new and innovative ways of communicating with donors and foundations. She is looking forward to exploring new methods of promoting the cause of Americans for Informed Democracy and reaching out to the greater D. C. community in the process. As a student of a highly politically engaged university in the nation’s capital, she believes that students must be heard and can contribute greatly to the country’s endeavors on the international scale. In her free time, she enjoys Indian classical dance and cooking.

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Hate Not Hope at University of Chicago

I just learned of this event entitled "Free Speech and the Danish Cartoons" that appears to have been co-sponsored by the University of Chicago chapter of our organization. I want to express my strong disagreement with our UC chapter's decision to be involved in this event -- I think our involvement should have been as protestors and not as co-sponsors. My biggest concern is that the event was entirely one-sided. The event only had speakers who looked at the topic from the free speech perspective. The organizers in this article say that they asked … [Read more...]

Finally, a group for the middle

by Katie Sellers Boston College Heights April 24, 2006 Where have you been all this year? I have spent nearly two semesters on this campus, and I am yet to find a single group that I feel I can connect with concerning American politics. I'm neither conservative right nor liberal left. Like Ohio, home sweet home, I fall right in the middle. That is not to say I don't hold genuinely strong opinions. It's quite the contrary: I am more passionate about politics, international affairs, and America's role in the world today than nearly anyone I know. … [Read more...]

US Role in UN Human Rights Council

Below is a post from AID leader Zeeshan Suhail... it was originally published in a column he writes for a Pakistani newspaper: New York Diary : The rights of the self-righteous Zeeshan Last week was apparently a very ordinary week in the life of the United Nations (UN). Resolutions were being passed, debates being held over issues of global importance and diplomats communicating back and forth with their superiors in their respective countries. But the most amazing phenomenon was taking place in the US itself, where the champion of … [Read more...]

An Earth Day Call to Action

I've pasted below a great piece by Thomas Friedman on our generation's call to turn back the tide of climate change and oil dependency.  Celebrate Earth Day today by reading it and passing it along to your friends. By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN Published: April 21, 2006 I was visiting Williams College a few days ago and heard a student speaker there mention that at the end of the day, she had gone back to her dorm room to study and to "do it in the dark." Hey, I thought, I'm not a prude, but did she have to be so explicit - and in public, in front of parents … [Read more...]

AID addressing immigration

by Elizabeth Graber Daily Northwestern April 20, 2006 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: AID addressing immigration I completely agree with Thursday’s editorial that the current immigration controversy is worth debate and discussion on Northwestern’s campus. Immigration policy does and will continue to impact each citizen in this country, including students here at NU, and we need to talk about it. I do not, however, agree with the accusations that student groups on campus are not striving to achieve this conversation. Americans for Informed Democracy … [Read more...]

Signs of global warming evident

by Joanna Pliner The Badger-Herald (University of Wisconsin-Madison) April 20, 2006 Eben Burnham-Snyder, a concerned environmentalist, spoke to University of Wisconsin business students Wednesday about global warming and American oil dependency. Burnham-Snyder, a senior communications associate for the Natural Resources Defense Council and a UW alumnus, opened his presentation with a clip from the television show “Futurama” meant to serve as an oversimplified demonstration of global warming. The clip featured “Mr. Sunbeam” being beaten by … [Read more...]

Analyst outlines oil replacement proposals: Luke Tonachel addressed topics such as automobile efficiency and alternative transportation

by Tom Hubka The Oregon Daily Emerald April 19, 2006 Medium or large fries? Normal or extra strength medicine? Standard or premium cable? Americans have a lot of choices in their lives, but Luke Tonachel of the Natural Resources Defense Council wants three more: Choices of efficient vehicles, fuel and ways of travel. Tonachel said the United States needs to break its dependence on oil during his speech “Set America Free: Getting Clean of Oil” at the Knight Law Center on Tuesday. A policy analyst for the Defense Council, Tonachel spoke to … [Read more...]

Letter to the Editor

by Eugene Kogan New York Times April 19, 2006 To the Editor: In "Bombs That Would Backfire" (Op-Ed, April 16), Richard Clarke and Steven Simon rightly call on Congress to ask "hard questions" about a possible preventive war against Iran. Congress's oversight was an abject failure leading up to the preventive war on Iraq. If Congress fails to hold the Bush administration accountable on Iran, it will deal another blow to the American constitutional system of checks and balances. Eugene B. Kogan London, April 16, 2006 The writer is a … [Read more...]

Lecture will look at alternative energy

by Staff Writer Corvallis Gazette Times April 16, 2006 In preparation for Saturday’s Earth Day celebrations, OSU students are hosting a lecture on alternative energy.Luke Tonachel, policy analyst at the Natural Resource Defense Council and a leader of its Break the Chain Campaign to reduce United States dependence on foreign oil, will speak at 3 p.m. Tuesday in Memorial Union room 206. The event is sponsored by the Americans for Informed Democracy at OSU and Associated Students of OSU. Tonachel’s talk is part of a national series, “Securing the … [Read more...]

Workshop addresses poverty worldwide

by Rachel Ward George Street Observer (College of Charleston) 4/13/06 Students from more than 20 South Carolina universities learned techniques to raise global awareness in the United States and promote the Millennium Campaign's international efforts to eliminate poverty at the Global Leadership Workshop held at C of C March 31. Nearly 100 students completed the half-day workshop coordinated by Americans for Informed Democracy, a non-profit group seeking to educate college campuses on global issues. Although the event was open to all C of C … [Read more...]