November 28, 2014

Kasturi Puntambekar – Marketing and Fundraising Fellow

Kasturi is a senior at American University in Washington, D. C. and is majoring in History with a minor in Psychology. Originally from a rural town in Massachusetts, she has worked in the development sector of non-profit organizations around the Capital and has enjoyed learning new and innovative ways of communicating with donors and foundations. She is looking forward to exploring new methods of promoting the cause of Americans for Informed Democracy and reaching out to the greater D. C. community in the process. As a student of a highly politically engaged university in the nation’s capital, she believes that students must be heard and can contribute greatly to the country’s endeavors on the international scale. In her free time, she enjoys Indian classical dance and cooking.

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

This post is from Allynn Lodge. Today, January 27th, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Yesterday, Americans for Informed Democracy was invited as guests of the Daniel Pearl Foundation to attend a panel discussion at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City in commemoration of this day. The panel featured Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Ambassador Dan Gillerman, and Dr. Judea Pearl, Professor at the University of California Los Angeles and father of slain reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Daniel … [Read more...]

Bringing tsunami home: Northwestern University joined a video conference with Sri Lankans who told how they survived and how participants could help

by Sean D. Hamill Chicago Tribune 1/27/2005 The 20 college students and community members who gathered Wednesday in Evanston for a video conference aimed at helping Sri Lanka had seen plenty of harrowing news reports about last month's tsunami.But it was a different, more moving experience, many said, to hear a firsthand account from a woman who told them how she and 30 family and friends were caught in the crushing water."We don't know how far or how long we ran," said Kumudini Fernando, a resident of Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital. "But then a huge … [Read more...]

The Global Entrepreneur as Ambassador

by William R. Dodson Conference Transcripts (published by January 23, 2006 (Note: This paper is based on a presentation delivered at the conference on “Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World,” hosted by Americans for an Informed Democracy, Northwestern University, 13 November 2005.)The entrepreneur that strikes out into the international markets has more than just a responsibility to make money. She also has a responsibility to represent to other peoples the best parts of her home country’s society, language and culture. Being an … [Read more...]

Make this a semester of activism. Activism is about democratic engagement in one’s community, not belligerent political rants.

by Jason Ketola The Minnesota Daily January 23, 2006 Since when did being an “activist” become synonymous with being a person who probably votes once every four years and who rants about politics with like-minded friends when drunk? Of course, there is the competing definition of activist, which has come to refer to a cultural studies major who spends his time derogating everything Western. Between you and me, I would wager that we could count the number of really active activists I have met in the past four years at the University on our combined … [Read more...]

Climate Summit to Unite Communities: Young leaders seek to participate in global environment discussion

by Stephanie Evans FS View (Student newspaper of Florida State University) January 19, 2006 Americans for Informed Democracy, a national non-partisan organization, is searching for participants for its "Young Global Leaders Summit on Development and Climate Change." The one-day summit to be held Feb. 11 at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida aims to open a dialogue among young leaders about the role the United States should play in efforts to reduce world poverty and the preservation of the global environment, a press release … [Read more...]

Energy Saving Tips

After years of wastefulness, I'm trying to become more energy conscious -- one small step at a time. At the wonderful "Virtual March to Stop Global Warming" (join the march if you haven't already!) they have some great ideas for individuals to become more energy efficient. Some of my favorite suggestions were to: -Unplug your cell phone charger and other electronics from the wall when you are not using them. Even when turned “off,” your hairdryers, cell phone chargers, and cameras use energy. -Replace 2 frequently used light bulbs with compact … [Read more...]

Kassie Anderson: A Big Heart and A Bright Vision

by Richard-Michael Manuel, UT-Arlington Outstanding Student Leaders Digest (published by January 17, 2006 Bringing students and community together takes a big heart and a bright vision: that’s Kassie Anderson for you. This dynamic Boston College senior is credited with coordinating one of AID’s biggest town hall meetings, yet. But her big ideas began when she was still a small girl, growing up in Stamford, Conn., a mid-sized city on the Atlantic coast.“My parents love to travel, and I traveled extensively as a child,” she said. When … [Read more...]

Nina Mariel Alcantara: An Entrepreneur in Global Education

by Sabahat F. Adil, University of Chicago Outstanding Student Leaders Digest (published by January 17, 2006 Students and professionals involved with Americans for Informed Democracy have begun to encourage global awareness on issues such as poverty and AIDS. Through the activities and events organized on their campus, a number of exemplary individuals especially embody the vision this non-partisan organization espouses in its attempt to affect American foreign policy for the betterment of our multinational community. In organizing … [Read more...]

Tim Ruckh and Michael Amodeo prove a little information can go a long way.

by Shannon C. Lynch, George Mason University Outstanding Student Leaders Digest (published by January 17, 2006 Two heads are better than one; and these men prove it. Tim Ruckh, 23, is a grad student for Engineering at Colorado State University and a man who believes “you should never stop acquiring information.” Michael Amodeo, 21, is double majoring in economics and political science at University of Colorado at Boulder believes that despite the pessimism in society “we may not succeed every time, but we can still send an … [Read more...]

Elleni Ghebremicael: A Young Woman Who is Fighting for What’s Right

by Vanessa Persico, Colgate University Outstanding Student Leaders Digest (published by January 17, 2006 Elleni Ghebremicael started organizing her phenomenal, multifaceted “Fighting for What’s Right” week before the fall semester even began. It was only last spring that she founded the University of Richmond chapter of AID (UR-AID) with two of her classmates, and only last fall that she first heard of the organization, but for Ghebremicael, quality far exceeds quantity of time spent. “When we began this week long educational … [Read more...]