March 5, 2015

Kasturi Puntambekar – Marketing and Fundraising Fellow

Kasturi is a senior at American University in Washington, D. C. and is majoring in History with a minor in Psychology. Originally from a rural town in Massachusetts, she has worked in the development sector of non-profit organizations around the Capital and has enjoyed learning new and innovative ways of communicating with donors and foundations. She is looking forward to exploring new methods of promoting the cause of Americans for Informed Democracy and reaching out to the greater D. C. community in the process. As a student of a highly politically engaged university in the nation’s capital, she believes that students must be heard and can contribute greatly to the country’s endeavors on the international scale. In her free time, she enjoys Indian classical dance and cooking.

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K College students conference with women from around the world

by Nora Seilheimer Kalamazoo Index March 9, 2006 On the night of International Women's Day, Tuesday, March 7, the K College chapter of Americans for Informed Democracy (AID) celebrated women all over the world with a global video conference entitled "Imagining Ourselves: Women's Emergent Roles in a Changing World." Utilizing the Upjohn Library's new global classroom, K students were given the opportunity to speak directly with other college-aged women from Afghanistan, Nepal and the Philippines about the progression of women's role in each of … [Read more...]

Live Feed Honors International Women’s Day: Video conference on women’s issues brings together students from all over the world

by Briana Bartle March 7, 2006 Golden Gate XPress A worldwide live video conference celebrating the eve of International Women’s Day took place at the J. Paul Leonard Library at SF State. Around 15 SF State students exchanged dialogue with other students from the University of Colorado Springs, Franklin University, Marquette University, and Goshen College as well as the Philippines, Nepal, and Afghanistan on March 7 at 6 p.m. to discuss women's struggles on a cultural, political and global scale. The video conference streamed live cameras from … [Read more...]

Summit strengthens international ties

by Josh Palubicki The Fourth Estate March 6, 2006 Area citizens had the opportunity to learn about international issues and discover a variety of ways to connect themselves to the global community at the first Citizen Diplomacy Summit held at UW-Green Bay Feb. 25. The Phoenix rooms in the University Union looked like a global culture collage with their walls decorated in native clothing from many countries, some of which were represented by people attending the summit. Along with the clothes, music from around the world played. There also was … [Read more...]

U.N. videoconference at Baruch

by Nino Makharadze The Ticker (Baruch College) March 06, 2006 “United Nations is a global village, everyone is interconnected,” said Abdelkader Abbadi, former deputy director of security Council and one of the members of the expert panel at the videoconference held last Tuesday. During this event, which was hosted by student-run non-profit Organization AIESEC and non-partisan, non-profit organization Americans for Informed Democracy, four expert presenters were invited to talk and discuss the Future of the United Nations. The issue raised during … [Read more...]

Millennium Campaign Comes To Claremont

by Steve Hochman The Student Life March 5, 2006 On Friday, February 24, Pitzer College welcomed the United States Millennium Campaign Coordinator, Carol Welch, to speak about her work in the fast-growing fight against world poverty. The Millennium Campaign, forged by 189 world leaders in 2000, has set eight goals for the world to accomplish by 2015. These goals include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving universal primary education, and developing a global partnership for development. Welch said that although the fast development … [Read more...]

Event explored ‘Youth and the Future of U.S.-Islamic Relations’

by Aleta Wenger Yale Bulletin and Calendar March 3, 2006 The Yale Law School Chapter of Americans for Informed Democracy hosted a teleconference titled "The Next Generation: Youth and the Future of U.S.-Islamic Relations" on Feb. 20 during the U.S.- Islamic World Forum in Doha, Qatar. The teleconference linked participants attending the forum with students and community leaders at Yale and at six other universities in Jordan, Qatar, the Ivory Coast and the United States. The purpose of the teleconference was to discuss the role of students and … [Read more...]

Universities host court discussions

by Staff Writer Houston Chronicle February 27, 2006 Rice University and the University of St. Thomas are hosting back-to-back town hall meetings titled, "Darfur and Beyond: The Role of the International Criminal Court," on Monday. The town halls will take place at noon at Rice's Baker Institute and at 4 p.m. at the University of St. Thomas' Malloy Hall room 16. Wanda Akin and Raymond Brown, who served as co-counsel at the United Nations-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone are the featured presenters. The events are free and open to the … [Read more...]

Three To Receive Franzke Feminist Award at St. Mary´s

by R. Leibold St. Mary's Community News February 26, 2006 The Women´s Caucus of St. Mary´s University will present the 2006 Alice Wright Franzke Feminist Award to three members of the St. Mary´s community who promote peace, empowerment, civic engagement and respect of all persons. The award winners will be recognized at noon on Thursday, March 2, in the Hospitality Suite of the Alumni Athletics & Convocation Center, as the first event of Women´s History Month at St. Mary´s. They include: • Antonia Castañeda, Ph.D., associate professor of … [Read more...]

U.N. Coordinator Fights for What’s Right: The United States and poorer nations must work together to eliminate global poverty

by John Wie The University News (UC-Irvine Student Newspaper) February 24, 2006 The United States allocates less than 1 percent of its budget for foreign aid. U.S. Millennium Campaign Coordinator Carol Welch discussed the United Nation’s efforts to eradicate poverty and the participation required by the United States last week at UC Irvine. During the event on Feb. 23, titled “Fighting for What’s Right,” Welch lectured on the eight Millennium Goals set forth by the United Nations and critiqued the United States on battling poverty, in Social … [Read more...]

Book Review – Blood and Oil

In the book Blood and Oil, Michael Klare endows us with an overture of United States foreign policy in the Persian Gulf throughout the last part of the 20th century, rooted on the much desired and needed petroleum resources, its ties to instability and military intervention by the United States within the region, as well as increased terrorist activity against the United States. The emphasis of the study undertaken in Blood and Oil is the United States’ economic and military dependency of oil from the Persian Gulf region as an energy source. Blood and … [Read more...]